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Ms. Dynamite – You Don't Have To Cry lyrics

Lil' Wayne's Verse:
Not today,
Just not today,
Please not today,

I don't really got time to stop and talk
But don't take it personal
I been up all night with my son
I'm tryn'a reach the doc before he close
I'm stressed out, upset, the lack of sleep got me emotional
And its that time of the month
just to really fuckin piss me off
I'm feelin' self-conscious
Just need me a little space
So Mr. Media, ya betta' take ya camera out my face

Not today, I got things on my mind
Not today, Now ain't that the place or time
Not today, I'll do it all any other day
Just not today, please not today

I don't mind signing an autograph
But you the 99th person to ask
And all I really wanna do is break down and cry
Cause a close family friend just passed
I know you already booked the studio
But at the mo' my head can't cope
I'm aware that I made a commitment
But I never knew my heart would be broke
I'm dealing with some issues
Believe me I don't mean to be rude
Only human, forgive me, if you sense a little attitude

Repeat Chorus

Now let me get one thing clear
I know its ya'll that keep my here
And I'm grateful like you could never know
More thankful than I could ever show
But if, you could sympathize from just a second
I reckon you could understand where I'm coming from
Sometimes when I'm steppin' out my house
I aint steppin' out as Dynamite
I'm stepping out as Mum
Tryna' spend some quality time with my son. Whew!
If you could understand
This weren't the way I planned, its gotten out of hand
Sometimes I feel I don't even know when I am
Since I picked up the mic, my private life don't exist
Love my job, but I never know I was signing up for this
Dealing with makeup's and breakups gotta smile and be strong
Clearing with heartache and heartbreak, but the show must go on

Repeat Chorus TwiceAy, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
My name is Weezy F baby, Hey
Yeah, Her name is Ms Dynamite, Yeah
But you tell me...

You don't have to cry
You don't have to cry no more
As long as you keep holding on
You can damn sure take it
We gon' make it baby
You don't have to cry
You don't have to cry no more
As long as you keep holding on
You can damn sure take it
We gon' make it baby
You don't have to cry

Cause the snitches running to the feds
Hoes bouncing from bed to bed
No places from trust in your head
Can't trust it...
Where so many tears are shed
Keep friends? he keep a 9 instead
He know tonight he could be dead
No justice...
So many troubled, souls, so many broken homes
So many kids out of control
Cause they hopeless...
Too many on parole, too many lies told
Too many had they freedom stole

Lil' Wayne's Verse:
Tryin' to make it out the hood
Like trying to make it out a man hole without a rope to pull
Hope the bullshit don't take me out for good
I know I gotta make the right example for my folk
I don't joke, though the smoke is hella' hard to pull
I just take it to the chest like a vet
Getting still, what I feel on the inside is genocide
Trying to live on the outside, but will I die
But you tell me

Repeat Chorus

My niggas posted on the block
Like they soldiers in Iraq
Everyday them bodies drop
Keep droppin...
Pain and violence round the clock
Need help but we cant trust the cops
So how the fuck we make it stop?
No stoppin...
We tired of these bloody streets
All they breed is tragedy
This poverty so sad to see
So sad...
Long as them sirens ring
I pray to see the day ya smile

Lil' Wayne's Verse:
Get up in my state, I'm tryin' to find fate
Gotta get it for grind sake, I gotta find Kate
Aint to fire escape, I gotta climb gates
And knock down walls, and get up when I fall
You see, given a time ill face, I cant slow the pace
Gotta move a little faster, aint nobody on my side
I pray every night, feel like I aint prayin' to god
Every time I tell mom, she reply

Repeat Chorus

Aint a whole lot of love where we living
The self-hate replace the optimism
Aint a whole lot of chances we're given
It's bullshit these streets is devil riddin'
Everyday you hear another mother scream
Ever night another victim another murder scene
Every second another nigga turn fiend
But my ghetto children hold onto your dreams

Lil' Wayne's Verse:
Though its looking kinda rough you gotta hold on,
Though its looking kinda rough you gotta hold on,
I know it looking kinda rough you gotta hold on,
Though its looking kinda rough you gotta hold on,
Ay, ay, call me when its, and call me when its
Ay, ay, and call me when its, call me when its, call me when its
Ay, all my people call me when its gangsta,
My name is Weezy F baby, hey
Her name is Ms Dynamite, hey, yo yo
I know its lookin' kinda rough you gotta hold on

You don't have to cry
You don't have to cry
You don't have to cry

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