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Mr. Doctor – Bloccstyle lyrics

F/ Brotha Lynch Hung

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[Mr. Doctor] Chorus x2:

This shit is on

I got love for the blocc

Let ‘em know for the blocc nigga yeah

This shit is on

I got love for the blocc

Nine times for the blocc nigga yeah

[Mr. Doctor]

Crossed the Crypts out of Burbank high

Late night, nigga felt nice

Came in through the hole in the fence

Threw up the mighty 9


Homies had to spot some dumb mutha fuckas

Rollin' wit the G-B-C down ass fuck

All the O-G's showed us what's up

Every real nigga from 29th street

Kicked up a gang of dust

True, this is why we dedicate the rhyme

To the niggas from the G-B-C, rollin' wit deuce nine

What's the wild straight deucin'?

And why the sets in the city of Sac

Ain't got no truces

How it hurt when the homie Chocalote moved on

How it hurt the homie Q-Ball was gone

Nigga this is how we livin'

And ain't nobody gave a fuck

Why you niggasbullshittin'

Rival killa, murder his ass

In his faggot ass set

Wit his bitch made niggas

At the hamburger stand

Niggas don't understand

How the fuck a bitch gonna see out on the spot

Wit no love for the blocc

This is how it's done nigga

I got love for the blocc

Nine times for the blocc nigga yeah

[Chorus:] x 2

[Brotha Lynch]

24 in the mornin' and I'm high as fuck

Had the jack-off motion

12 gauge in my trunk

Plus that bomb ass chronic from the Garden Blocc

And that mutha fucka Doc had a glock

So I was coo

Coo like the brew I see sippin' on

Get yo gut rippin' on

Wit yo what

Wit yo millimeter chrome

See the only thing I see doin' is

Gettin' high in the sky

And I like to ruin kids

Wit my 9 millimeter

Strap up, seat up

Fuck wit the Garden Blocc

And get yo busta ass beat up

See what you do is like fill me on some shit

And I'm a stay high, way high

Just in case my dome split, home sicc

For the mutha fuckin' season, of the sicc

Cuz you know how others get

When I get to spittin' shit

Isn't it a mutha fuckin' shame

Niggas wanna kill me

But still we became, indo'd out

And ain't no mutha fuckin' doubt

Me setripin' niggas apart

Like a ear blow fatality

Yeah, this is how it's done nigga

I got love for the blocc

Four times for the blocc nigga yeah

[Chorus:] x 2

[Mr. Doctor]

St. Ides brew, a joint to the face

Seven niggas deep

Miller Park was the place

Mackin' to a ho, spittin' my shit

Kept my fingers round a gat

To protect my click from punk shit

Nigga check

Eleven o'clock, the park's hot

I'm watchin' out for niggas wit a gat for the Doc

You know, a mutha fuckin' gangsta scene

Wit real niggas that bang

They real niggas on they own team

Straight killas, down for they shit

I seen the Creek, the East,

The Heights, the Park, the View shit!

The rivals is mutha fuckin' deep

Stay wit the set locs

Damn, we only seven G's [?]

Niggas we got the straps and ugh

Plus we ain't sleepin' so what

Mutha fuckas watch yo backs

Chill though, spit to the hoes, killed the folks

And watch out for the ricochet gross yeah

Cuz that's life in the city, cross the South Sac

Garden Blocc, deuce nine, much love, no pity

This is how it's done nigga

I got love for the blocc

Nine times for the blocc nigga yeah

[Chorus:] x 2

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