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Monifah – Mo'hagony (ladies Night Remix) lyrics

It's mo'hagony right ladies it's our turn to kick it to
'em c'mon
(Monifah singing da hook)
It's mo'hagony
(that's right black and pretty as eva)
It's mo'hagony
(hot mack mommie's on da move)
It's mo'hagony
(that's right playaz)

(Mia X)
No limit soldiers
Presents to you the newest mommie
Keep it up in dat condom
All night long
Wrap this song up tight like a L
Knowin well all my playaz is listenin'
That's why this crap
Is tight
Love da doe
Can't stop me when I roll cause this big momma mea
Can get it wet like Gineva
You playaz sayin please
You don't wanna mess wit this (shhhh)
My breastz
Are like a full on backstrock
When you swim do you think of him
The back seat mommy
Havin' babies wit me
You actin like dummies (gun cocks)
Show me da money like Lil' Kim c'mon


(Left Eye)
It's Left Eye with a tight crew
Representin' like it's ladies night
Comin' right through
Don't be spiteful
Plus an eyeful
Sportin' hot pink
Rocks in the link
In the drop with a mink
Like my??? Don't stink
Got you in the palm with a bomb like Sadamm
Blowing up spots then runnin' off with the pot
Left Eye ready for action
The main attraction
I'm in the fast lane passin'
Breakin' you down like fractions
While we be rappin' about things that really happen
Big willie style Philly style let's make it happen
With mademouselle from gezals to versace
With a sweet smell
This female leadin' the posse
Got jokes like Cosby
In the lots where the cars be
With no apologies it's Left Eye
Big Will let the champagne spill
Is it a mans thing for real
Can us girls roll wit yall
What the deal


(Lil' Kim)
Now the big momma
Da queen B
The one who keeps in live
On da best side?
I keep da show gun
But I be flossin and mackin'
Guys beggin' me for satisfaction
I keeps it real and make my man squeal
It's all for real
Like the group
Make you a playa
Click click
Can I can I
Say it again say it again
You actin like a hemorid
Poppin and irritating
I lets it get out of control
Cause I like to ball
Get a true man and let's go
Cause I likes to get it on (what)
It's just be and Monifah
The true mo'hagony fans here dat you mans


(Monifah-singing/Foxy Brown ad in's)
It's all good (Fb-like felecia)
That's right (Fb-mo'hagony baby)
Let's get it on tonight
The mood is right
I got a good place to lay you down


(Charli Baltimore)
You all actin'
This modeling mommy
I get it done
Hang wit Big Pun my love is all
Good and you knew that I could
Cause it is all good
Get you in da mood
But I'm backed by Noreaga
I hang wit da 2 biggest rap G'z
Cam'ron where you at?
I'm right behind you
You know how I do?
Right but uh
Mo'hagony is for da ladies
C'mon now girls
C'mon now girls
C'mon now girls


(Foxy Brown)
Now this mack
Like to play it tight
And this mack
Is always right
Do you hang wit my sick ol' playaz
Or do you hang wit da playas that talk da crap
I keeps it strong throught the winter
Spring is da best though
Cause I play it slow
Wit my playa J(ay-Z) in a cradle
Da crap is da best crap can't stop this mack mommie from ballin'
6 drop in a 6 and that ain't no crap
I keep it smoth cause I'm rude like a playa and a ego
You can't see though like Nicole Ray
It's my day tha day yall can't pay what


(Missy Elliott)
Freak-a-freak (x4)
Do you know how I do?
Can your foot fit into a shoe?
Can your toe play it tight wit my doe?
Can the crap you talk be true to
Or do you do like a do?
Do you smoke weed like me?
Or do you love peeps like me?
Is yo game as tight as me?
Is your name M-I-S-S-E
Or do you make misdemenor's
Cause yo woman has a weener


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