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Moker – Last Note lyrics

Yo listen up. This song goes out to Rodney Hulin
He was a prisoner in Texas, hung himself on January 26, 1996
Before that he wrote a suicide letter. This is what he wrote

To: all my family, friends that I ever knew,
It's been very difficult to live a good stable live.
From the very beginning when a was a small child,
I was abused sexually, emotionally, mentally and physically by my father

But I forgive him for what he has done in my life.
I can't live mistreated, lied and stolen from.
Most of all being hurt for all the things you have done.
I've been behind bars for 8 year of my life.
From the very beginning when I was a small child,
I was abused sexually and physically by my father.

I'm very sorry to end my life this way
But if I don't do this someone else surely will.
I truly regret all the shit I've said.
I wish that I could take it all back.
But in the end I will be better off dead.
I'm very sorry to end my life this way.
I truly regret all the shit I've said.
I wish that I could take it all back.

I'm saying I rather die on my free will
Than be killed, that's why I must do this.
Before I go, when I say being hurt, I found forgiveness.
For those who have hurt me in my life.
Which has been a very short one, only 17 fucking years,
Since I was placed in prison July 31.

I have found myself to be more mental and emotionally
Destroyed than I have ever been caused by these four walls.
I want all of my family, friends including my current girlfriend
Misty Mosher, to know that I love them all even after this cruel act.
I wish I could be with you all but spiritually I definitely am.
I'm very sorry to hurt all of you this way.
That's why I wrote this last note.

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