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Moka Only – Ferry Tales lyrics

Send* corrections to the typist [Verse

One] It's

just the type of cool s t**cruise ship at the dock All

aboard to escape and unslip the knot And

you with me Cause? I'm the Navigator of this vessel Move

quickly and line up for the Expresso It's

this special and, it's got to be my way Cause

if I don't get the feeling its useless on a Friday I

wrote the fairy tales I

made the hits for the kids marine travel in between Van and Vic Cafateria

picks you, get your food and carry your s t**Find

a seat in the area sit, (uhh) Right

across from the gram who cramps and if you muster up the nerve She

might give you a chance Freelance

is, my stance to feel Details

are everything to the fans it's real Afternoon

Buffet you, got your walkman rockin Sip

on Nescafe and its got ya poppin Of

the toppin walkin bound to the deck Respect

the View Please dude, you can't Neglect [Chorus

repeat: 2X] Cause

these are the pictures we see Livin', West Up Coast in the land of bc Ocean

Ride put, the stressin' aside inside, outside, with the lesson implied It's

all what you make in this sport You

can catch me on the ferry on the way to my port [Verse

Two] Off

the Water well the sun with the top of the swells Recodnize

a Mammal and my non-Topical Self Someone's

Sun Catchin' Got, the Tropical Oil You

can Smell it in the air is she a Tropical girl I'm?

on top of the World this, is mine for the Spittin We

all got Locations to Rep Rap, a Statition Not

to keep Hittin' cause you want him to Pee It's

a Nautical Bump we're also workin' your Jeep You

got doors downstairs deck, 2 just waitin To

reach the Terminal and slide out while Debatin The

99 North or, 99 South the, number 1 in or the I5 out {


do er are all you ni z***only the stuck on verbals Who

can really bring a scene and describe the hurdles Time

to stretch hit, the magazine stand While

I give you my Distech it ain't Agony Man I

got a bag full of music shrinkwrapped then ready Anytime

you see me on the Ferry ask about it get, me Rock

Steady to the (uhh uhh) Don't

let me see you stand there just push it through [Chorus


these are the pictures we see Livin', West Up Coast in the land of bc And

these are the pictures we see Livin', West Up Coast Vancouver, bc And

these are the pictures we see Livin', West Up Coast Victoria, bc And

these are the pictures we see Livin', West Up Coast in, Naniamo bc Yea

And.. other places See

it from the Seaside Yea

Rollin', bobbin', Floatin', Yea

Get, that Clam Chowder You

want that Clam Chowder (you want that clam chowder) You

need that Clam Chowder (you really need that Clam Chowder) Feed

the seagulls yea, keep, it goin

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