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Come on
Yeah let me touch that son
Yeah that's that Mobb s**t right there
Mc behind the mic n***a
You know I spit that fire
[Verse 1 - Havoc]
You know these guns like Narcotics
Youngin put them to sleep
Call me the broom
The way my shorty sweeping every thing off of the street
And any little thing y'all p***y to me
Like ki's in a coke drought, double it chief, you f*****g with me
Said you gangsta?
S**t laying dormant or something
Cause you ain't killing nothing, letting nothing die (Not at all)
You that same old n***a getting f****d in your mind
By that raggedy a** b***h that you call a dime
And when it comes to the Mobb you know it's beef all the time
Out your rabbit a** mind you know I clap-clap-clap mine
I know the rap's leaving n***a crooked getting out of line (yeah)
If I catch homey looking the wrong way, Good-bye
Cut and slice
Then let your man cut in your life
Evicting your a** out of your life (Get the f**k outta here)
You just a broke a** n***a knowing you don't got it
Better get up off your a** and bump that
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
That yo, that dope, that (Narcotic)
That haze, that dro, that (Narcotic)
Them pills, that cognac (Narcotic)
Getting backed up off that (Narcotic)
That's right That's right
Check it out
Hey yo, it's like
[Verse 2 - Prodigy]
Like I said
Come through busting the gauge
Huffing and puffing the haze
Merck something for real
I'm stuck in my ways
Down for the murder and all that so come our way
Down for the slaughter and down to pull a kamikaze
Get nazi on ni***z like Wiley did to grandpapi
You'll mistake me for a beast how I smack beef for lunch
The drama is all a movie
You selling wolf tickets, I'm using guns loosely
I'm not paranoid, I'm very truly
Dangerous, you knock my pimp cup down, I shoot peeps
And snatch jewelry
Murder braids throughly
F**k what color you flag
I'll blast through your pagely
Get a warning from me
Blood still gotta drip
I don't send death threats
I produce the source b***h
Polka dot skulls and holes through they headrest
They wanna be dope, we give them a fix of this
[Chorus - Starting with That haze...]
[Verse 3 - Havoc & Prodigy]
Homey must got it confused
Talking about he hitting me up
Sounding like he sniffing that stuff
Running his jib
War with Hav' is like breaking a mirror
Homey it's on for life, f**k what you hear about these seven years
My nine slug will alter your mind state for real
After that party like a n***a home off a pill
You a grown a** n***a you can do what you feel
Can't knock the way a n***a eat his meal
We got garbage bags full of that (Narcotic)
Smoke like the sun splash concert
It's chronic how we kill these beats and run these streets of death
Now finally, we getting our paper, yes
We touched our first millions when we was just kids
But now we 'bout to take this s**t to new brackets
Gt Bentleys and new Benz's
We gotta O. D. And make them say that s**t is..
[Chorus - Starting with That dope...]

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