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Mobb Deep – Must Go Hard lyrics

If you think that is so damn easy,
Then what do you need me for?
(What the fuck did you make me for?)
Just look at that state of you
(It's crazy out here!)
Babe, snap out of it
You're not listening to this!

Hard is the definition,
Searching for recognition,
Now I'm tough, no barber shops...
With guns that will change your move
Chess game, make a move
... They want you as toy,
Not to play with fool...
No baseball without the boys play...
Things... What a vision, what a fight,
... Patience for the cash,
Now they're going for the night,
Never did, never... Hold up!
Cops just rolled up,
All the opened doors just closed shut...
... Now fuck talking!
This wasn't done often, worry about... And gun tossing.
He thought he was good,...
Want me to leave, so he start thinking that he should
And soon he saw his face on the service,
The cops shut him in his head on purpose!
What a fuck!

If you think that is so damn easy,
Then what do you need me for?
Just look at that state of you
Babe, snap out of it
You're not listening to this!

Grown up I had a friend named Ron, the John terrorist,
His time is now... And gone,
And those memories I shall forever change!
This air, he can't no longer inhale,
Such a disappointment that the job
That was done to him was for real!
What a... I'm left in an unreached base
I'm left in an unreached base,
When I think how I could have stopped it.
Damn, only if quicker than us
He was adopted quicker
Than we'd probably would have been found
At the bottom of that river.
He didn't deserve that, he was a good kid,
He wasn't a bad dude...
I ain't had much, but to him
My house is disney land!
Recipe is forever,...
Air continues to go,
But in my mind he never...
Cause I believe I carry his soul,
Maybe that explains why I'm so ambitious...

Now, I've had it up to here
Don't ever try that again
Why are you so quiet so suddenly?
Go on, have it!
You're just dying to try me!
Don't! Don't!

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