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I'm a wind up toy
In an up-down world
If you leave me all alone
I'll make a mess for sure

I've a heart of gold
In the smallest size
Leave me in the dark
You never hear me cry

More than an illustration
Points of articulation
Come to life on a brass spring
Such a wonderful plaything

It's a cruel cross
That I have to bear
If you come a little close
I'm going to pull your hair

More than just a toy
In a patched blue suit
When you hold me in your arms
I'm just a boy like you

But your momma thought
There was something wrong
Didn't want you sleeping
With a boy too long

It's a serious thing
In a grown-up world
Maybe you'd be better
With a Barbie girl

You knew that
I adored ya
But you left me in Georgia
Toys are not sentimental;
How could I be for rental?

She's the meanest hag
That has ever been
Pulled out my insides
With an old safety pin

I'm the sorest sight
Now I feel like trash
Clothes are made of rags
And they don't even match

So she dressed me up
As the man she loved
And threw me in a box
When she had had enough

Now the light of day
I no longer see
She stuck her voodoo pins
Where my eyes used to be


Accidentally tragic
Victim of her black magic
Had a boy once who loved me
Now he's so afraid of me

On a long lost day
When you're grey and old
You'll be there remembering
Your old toy boy

When your only son's
Wondering what to be
Tell him the story of
A boy like me

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  • U
    UnregisteredJun 24, 2012 at 10:18 pm
    This is on of my favourite mika songs because it is so weird twisted and dark! He said in an interview that it's about a doll who falls in love with his owner but his owner forgets about him so he owners mother takes him and uses him as a voodoo doll for the owners father who left her!
  • U
    UnregisteredMay 10, 2012 at 2:35 am
    To me this song tells the story of a male toy that is seperated from his only compnanion that just so happens to be a boy. But his homophobic mother doesn't like the idea that her son is playing with boys for more than a little while. So she seperates them. Life leaves the toy in care of a terrible girl toy who changes the toy to something that isn't natural, the boy is now afraid of the toy that he doesn't even really remember because of her "improvements". Saddened the toy(speaker) tells the listener that before they go and control their children that the toy had put through these hardships as a result of these 'thoughts'.
  • n
    nadia_mantzikFeb 21, 2011 at 8:00 pm
    well, may be so Smithhy
    i have a quite simillar but somehow different approach
    the whole thing looks to me like his approach on his sexuality and relationships
    first he's reffering to appearances and how those appearances are what is accepted and not the actual person
    also, about society that wantsa to change you
    (they want him with a barbie girl on the cover of a magazine as you stated)
    then he goes on talking about a relationship that obviously stigmatized him
    obviously he was with a boy, very happy and all and then reality comes crashing everything down
    someone from his background or the other boy's background that started feeding him on ideas on how he should be with a girl to have family and staff is my theory
    so now he wonders, was it all worth it?
    maybe this way i will have a son or a ''real'' family but what about what or who really is in my heart?
    will i ever have him back?
    basically he analized the whole dilema of acceptance and what's normal
    and in the end his advice is if someone ever has a boy like him with different sexuality than most to embrace the dillemas of the kid and talk to the kid and give him all the facts not leaning towards a side and let the kid decide for himself
    so the whole thing is not as much as society as much as it is for personal happiness an sattisfactions and crossroads that you bump into
  • s
    SmithhyJul 2, 2010 at 4:13 pm
    I think it's saying how he's easily influenced, & a very open person because it's called Toy Boy. It's quite a patronizing song, as if he's annoyed that people don't take him seriously enough maybe? That, just because he's open to peoples opinions & views suddenly means he doesn't know enough, & this annoys him? & The fact he doesn't know who's being fake & real with him?

    He's very dependant on other people too, but he's very lively & the people who know him most understand who he is. "I've a heart of gold, in the smallest size" meaning, that when he's noticed as who he really is, he's .. great? But it's small because people, like press & media only see one side of him. You never hear him moan about it, even when he's not noticed.

    The prechorus 1 carries on saying he is who he is but other people see him & hear about him and DON'T KNOW him. He comes to life around the people he loves. Verse 2, says how he deals with it, that accepts the fact people are going to only see his stage, and singer side of him and he's alright with that because if people he doesn't love get too close, he's going to "pull your hair" suggesting he won't be very happy Saying he's more than just a toy is saying he's more than just an artist, & that when you get to know him he's actually probably different & he's just like everyone else.

    Then when he says "But your momma thought there was something wrong, didn't want you sleeping with a boy too long" I think that is about his sexuality, and because of it, he felt that some people were against or didn't like him because of it, even though it doesn't make him who he is completely. & Then it goes back to the patronizing bit about him, and the fact he is bi, & a well known singer, meant that he should have this lovely girl, that fits in & looks good on the front of a magazine.

    "You knew that i adored ya, but you left me in Georgia, toys are not sentimental, how could i be for rental" Is about maybe his lost opportunities of finding someone because he's famous? Now he has become a succesful singer, he doesn't know how to find out who truly loves him. And the person who might, is going to be harder for him to find now he's this big. It's kind of saying how could people who don't even know him claim that they love him?

    The next few verses are talking about someone he thought he loved? Or a previous relationship or something but is the evidence that they didn't really love him.

    OOH. Yeahh because when it says "clothes are made of rags and they don't even match" that's saying he's not like her at all & they have nothing in common SO then he sings "so she dressed me up as the man she loved, and threw me in a box when she had had enough" it means, she's trying to turn him into something that she could love, but he wants to be loved for who he is. "Now the light of day i no longer see, she stuck her vodoo pins where my eyes used to be" finally means he trusted her, & thought he loved her, & thought she loved him for who he was but she hurt him, & now he doesn't know if he can trust again, & he doesn't see the light in finding someone.

    He's finishing with the last few verses, saying that someone might of loved him if he hadn't became so well known, but now they're afraid of him because of maybe what they could be hearing about him from media & not believing in hope of getting to know him.

    Now he knows he's made the mistake of not getting to know someone for who they are, and thinking it would be that easy to find someone who truly loves him now he's famous. "When your oldest son's wondering what to be, tell him the story of a boy like me" basically saying, make sure people don't make the same mistake!

    Reaaaddd it PLEASE
    Took me ages to think & write that,

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