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Could you believe
The same old story
It never bores me
Though I've heard it all before.

Her name was Georgia
And she was gorgeous.
When she adored ya
The whole room would get to know.

Like a movie that is filled with lust
Coming at you with a double D bust.
At the bed of a wounded soldier
In a rush cause she's gettin older.

Hanging out in the fancy bars
With the boys who can play guitar.
Listen up 'cause I've got to warn ya
She's gonna make it out in California.

Hey you what's a good girl like you
Doin' in this crazy world?
Where's the good gone girl?

Dance, dance to the life you wanted
When you were only 17
With your good girl dream

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh good gone girl

Could you believe
The same old phonies
Those painted ponies
That you've ridden all before

Her name was April
But she was hateful
Enough to make you
Want to run right out the door

I can tell you what you want the most
Hanging out with a champagne toast.
When the end of the night gets tricky
Don't you know that beggars can't be picky?

Lookin' out for a man who's golden
Doesn't matter if he's old, he's rollin'
Coming at you like a desperate hunter
Sugar daddy but he's just a munter

Hey you what's a good girl like you
Doin' in this crazy world?
Where's the good gone girl?

Dance, dance to the life you wanted
When you were only 17
With your good girl dream


Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh good gone girl

She's walkin around all over the town
Needs somebody to notice but the goodness gets her down
She's happy to choose somebody to use
Good gone girl she's got nothin left to lose

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  • s
    SmithhyJul 2, 2010 at 4:00 pm
    I think the first verse is pretty much saying about indivuality & saying that he's heard so many stories about people & what their dreams are! "The same old story, it never bores me" meaning, he's heard so much & it never bores him to listen to people. The first person, (Georgia) is in comparison to the seconds person (April). I think it's an actually a pretty sad song even though it's so lively because he talks about Georgia first, then there's a kind of BUT in the middle of the song & he talks about April.

    Georgia is surrounded in this world by other people like April, that's when he talks about "what's a good girl like you doing in this crazy world?" but she's a good girl. I don't understand the Double D bust bit though, that doesn't fit in my theory but the "at the bed of a wounded soldier" is saying she's like a nurse & is caring for people. She's pratically perfect.. but everyone gets older. "Hanging out in the fancy bars, with the boys who play guitar" obviously she's this perfect gorgeous young girl, all these boys want her but she's living her life too fast to notice them.

    April is sung about next. In comparison to Georgia, everyone LEAVES when she's in the room, instead of catching everyones attention. The bit where he's like "Those painted ponies that you've ridden all before" is about fake people i think. Saying that everyone has had a moment where they haven't been themsleves & shown their true colours.. like the ponies who are painted. "I can tell you what you want the most" he already knows what she's like because when people but on a fake front it's usually simillar. Now she's a "beggar" so basically she's desperate now she's not getting as much attentioon, so this old bloke comes along & she's all over him.

    It then repeats: "Dance, dance to the life you wanted
    When you were only 17
    With your good girl dream." As if to say she's changed who she is & her dreams have followed & it's reminding her i think.

    But then, the last bit is: "She's walkin around all over the town.
    Needs somebody to notice but the goodness gets her down.
    She's happy to choose somebody to use.
    Good gone girl she's got nothin left to lose."

    She's not who she is, she's "bad" now & has lost the attention she would of got if she stayed who she is, but people are around her ARE good & won't give her that attention, (that's why it's getting her down) She's happy to choose somebody to use, Good gone girl she's got nothing left to lose means she's desperate for someone, because she has nothing or no one & feels as if she needs to "use" somebody to get herself noticed again.

    That was long, but please read it :D
  • U
    UnregisteredAug 28, 2012 at 9:27 pm
    I think this song is about girls who dream of nothing else but becoming famous and rich and having to rush into it because " she's getting older". When she finds out that it's not as easy as it looks georgia who is now april turns desprate, looks for rich old men to keep her above the surface, in the end she's so messed up that she's got "nothing left to loose"
  • s
    stewartpp08Aug 22, 2011 at 5:48 am
    I had a slightly different interpretation than you Smithhy.

    So I think the song in general is talking about girls who had good dreams and good motives when they were younger but as time passes they've compromised. Georgia and April are both examples of this but they just had different dreams. This is what the first verse is hinting at--all the stories Mika has heard of good girls who eventually turn bad out of desperation.

    2nd verse--Georgia was gorgeous and the life of the party when she was younger. 3rd verse is comparing this scene to the movies and Georgia who is getting older and desperate comes running to the bed of the wounded soldier. On the outside it is a good gesture but her motive it not necessarily love but just because she's older, getting desperate and wants somebody to love. BUT in the 4th verse she's hanging out at the bars (possibly cheating on her wounded soldier) and Mika's warning the wounded soldier that she's going to make it big and leave him behind. The fact that she could up and leave him for California shows her motives weren't good all along and maybe she was just using him until she got to where she wanted to go.

    Verses 5 and 6 are very cynical, retorting about how she seemed good but was only living for the dream she's had since she was 17 and used whoever she needed to achieve that dream. I believe the phrase "good gone girl" refers to how all the girls in the story seem good but are as "good as gone" since they just use people and drop them once they get what they want. This also plays on the phrase "girl gone bad." Georgia put up more of a good front but underneath she was as bad as our next example, April. I believe verse 7 connects Georgia and April as being the same "good gone girl."

    (Verses 8-10) April maybe wasn't as pretty or had something in her personality that made the boys think she was "hateful". She wanted to be the toast of the town like Georgia but since she wasn't she got desperate over time and settled for a "munter"--a rich man who uses ugly girls to just boost his self-esteem (or so Urban dictionary tells me). Again, April was a girl with a dream (not necessarily a bad dream) who got desperate as time passed and used someone to get her dream.

    Last verse ("she's walking around...etc") is talking about both of these girls who want someone to notice them but their "goodness" or the good dreams they had when they were younger get in the way. Since they are not willing to give up their dreams it "gets them down" and so they compromise their integrity and use someone to get them to their dreams (who simultaneously give them the attention they wanted). SO the "good gone girl" has "nothing left to lose" because she has already lost her integrity.

    Alot or most of MIKA's songs are rather upbeat with very ironic/cynical/sad lyrics if you listen closely.


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