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Midnasty – Whatchu Waitin' For lyrics

[Verse 1] Arkho:

Ready, get set fuego
Indio nga maldito
My swag gikan's amu-a
Na dili nimu kaya
What's the point of you dissin'?
When I dont really listen
To small timers
I don't waste a second of my hours
Pasensya, gahi gyud ko'g ulo
They said I can't do it but
Di gyud ko mo-tuo
That's the reason why
Im here, why im there
Why i get love everywhere
Why dem haters stop and stare
You can only claim to be the best when you kill them with success
And I guess that's why they wanna cage me in
Coz' I am
The sum when you double up your goonz
And I know why you on tv coz'
Ya bunch of looney toons (you wack shit)

[Chorus] 2x:
They said you can't do it on your own
Wack shit can't fly, won't shine
But you prove 'em wrong..
What you waiting for? (C'mooon)
What you waiting for? (C'mooon)

[Verse 2] Arkho:

Filipino, provinciano, this right here is not a mimic
DGT ENT, we all amAZN
I'm asian, I'm alien, godzilla on the building
Manila ain't the world
So let them rock they city
You ain't clear like 3GP
Now watch me full HD
Let them follow me coz'
You ain't going no where with your flow
Better rap no more
Leave the game alone
You wannabes should rest in peace
Why suckers so afraid for me to get released?
I'm just getting whats mine
Coz' now is the perfect time
The world is for the bravest
I'm spitting full of rabies
It's dark in this business
But my faith is luminous
Up and grindin I dont snooze
Thats the reason I dont lose

[Bridge by Makoy]

Chorus 2x:
They said you can't do it on your own
Wack shit can't fly, won't shine but you
Prove 'em wrong..
What you waiting for? (C'mooon)
What you waiting for? (C'mooon)

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