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Michael W. Smith – Breakdown lyrics

Words & Music: Michael W. Smith and Wayne Kirkpatrick

Wasn't it long ago
Wasn't it on a New England coast
Wasn't it the standard - people praying to
The Son and the Father and the Holy Ghost
One nation over God
Is that what we've now become?
The founding fathers left a noble legacy
To their sons and daughters
To their sons and daughters
Look at what we've done
Look at what we've done

Breakdown, breakdown, breakdown
As we learn to bite the hand
That tries to feed us
Breakdown, breakdown, breakdown
If we say that we are free
Who will believe us
If we breakdown, breakdown, breakdown
Breakdown, break

See the powder on the glass
See the pillow on the street
See the charter of a modern love
With no obligations... Or promises to meet

Hear the fear of disease
Hear the baby never born
Hear a people crying out
"Somebody save us - oh, please somebody save us
From what we're headed for - from what we're headed for"


Breakdown, breakdown, breakdown
As we learn to bite the hand
That tries to feed us
Breakdown, breakdown, breakdown


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    Our nation started out with a promising future as our founders dedicated it to the lord in the spring of 1789 at st paul's chapel in nyc. Though we weren't perfect and we still had slavery to abolish, we started out on a good note. But as we progressed in our history, we slowly shifted away from the god who brought us independence from britain, and blessed us greatly. When we finally started the process of eliminating god from our schools (and replaced this with evolution) and public policy, legalizing the right to kill the unborn, and started to live anyway we wanted even to the point of enslaving ourselves with drugs and immoral s**, that is when we really began to experience the breakdown that comes from rejecting god and going our own way. He blessed our nation, and in return we decided to bite his hand. Should anyone be surprise if he ever decides not to extend his hand anymore?
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