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Melodie MC – Dum Da Dum lyrics

Dum*Dam Da Dum That's...
the way you got to go So
put your hands in the air when I say so As

the rhythm goes tom tom, tom, ta, tom, tim, I
got to go I, got to step I, got to swing So
come along come, along we got it going on No
we never stop we,
never stop until the break of dawn And
by the way I got to say I
never do a job unless I know I'm
gonna get paid That's
why I stick to the cash flow So
when I got to go I always go with a hooo So!!!
coem and get some come,
and come and get some But
don't try to bite because
you know that I got a gun So
don't you ever try to fool me 'Cause
if you try to fool me get
away is not that easy But
anyway I got to step on it Got
to got, to go, got, to get, got, to go for it Like
a bird in a tree fly easy Catch
the rhythm is the cause of the Melodie Repeat


bring that beat back bring, that beat back The
tom tidi, tidi, tom, Sidelake Drum pack Left
right, left, right, stereo So
come on everybody get ready 'cause
here we go Straight
into yes the, Melodie Come
come, and get some come,
come, follow me Step
by step by move, by move And
then you just dance to the groove Like
1 2, 3, yes, in the palace to be Ready
for action down, with the SLP And
new school leader of a dope crowd Stand
tall and proud And
if you like it scream, loud Yaeeee
That'!!! sthe way it comes Me
on the microphone Statikk,
on the funky drums With
my cause and my question Try
to catch the rhythm so give me a suggestion Repeat


the groove and let the rhythm flow

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