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Mayday! – Sinister Kids lyrics

This for the people out there, yeah, yeah
All right, OK!
Pass me the torch, so I can... this bridge to the ground
Till the ashes get back up, and... pass around.
Why the fuck you're trying to tell me that the sound is so profound
But I ain't buying... spreading the virus like a cure.
I'm cut and pure, coming of a national tour
Coming home, poor waste land, what a best man on the mike cause I sham
Shit is a scam, and nothing more
You know you wait about that life
Me and my people said we're living under brighter spot lights

Well, the crooks are out
And the streets are gray
You know I wouldn't have it
Any other way
Your mother's words
They're ringing still
But your mother don't
Pay our bills
Yeah, hell not!

I walk with... and metal boots watch the...
I'm catching withdraws, and not having...
It's madness, Mary Jane and a dirty pair of slippers
Savage every day, she got a... pair of tweeters
I'm a menace to high class, my vocals are high pass
My manners are white trash, so you all could kiss my fly ass.

I've seen this all before, the writings on the door...

Hey, that's right, that's right, that's right I see 'em...
You think I'm plane, I'mma get what I can, then I'll crash and... fast
You think... but the gods have plan, for my friends and my fam
What... get it while you can cause a ship won't last...
And I have to ask, how far is too far?
When you dream with the stars, and you live in the clouds,
You always... I freak on Mars
I'm home just for the...

I got a tortured mind
And my blade is sharp
A bad combination
In the dark
If I kill a man
In the first degree
Baby would you
Flee with me?

Would you?
Since back when mayday was a dual, punto
I wasn't in the corner like you...
Giving up... and who knows
What else I...
I challenge these rappers and wind,
Twenty five... in a battle for...
I'm drinking KCT, and a... solo
On a cold like Marco Polo, and bet I got a deal for the Lolo
So, so, so, so death and I don't mean...
But the... you got for promo,
And the rappers screaming no, no!

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