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Mastamind – Murdaride lyrics

I'm back in this bitch you'll be dead by tonight
I came to haunt your fucked up every day life
Look at me look in my eyes, my face is no disguise
I won't appologize if he dies
You livin in fear scared to shit
Scared like a bitch, scared of the wicked witch
I'll take you on a murder ride so you can see
Death ain't shit but a game to me
So play your cards right cause I live the hard life
It aint you its, just your god I despise
So this might make your ass shift to reverse
All my niggaz load up the hearse
And let me take you on a murdaride

Murderride x 17

Let me take you on a murderride to no mans land
You don't know me man
I'm rolling like a killer only can
Yes I can use these murderous tools
Ain't no heroes in hell
Never ever have I heard of you,
Listen to my voodoo
I truth or dare you, I'll make your nightmares true
Who want to ride as I run shit
Up and down the east town I let my gun click,
Taking malicious action with no compassion
The game of death just started ain't no relaxing
Damn somebody catching every burst
I'll take you to hell you don't need a hearse
Just let me take you on a murderride

Murderride x 17

Let me take you on a ride of your life
Been known to ride for days niggaz dying in alley ways
Oh how a dead body rotts,
Fucking cops got me on homicide watch
I'm out my coma on a whole other level
Never been on my knees to pray to a god or a devil
I don't got a minute to pray but a second to die
I'm only what you see to the naked eye
Cause I got you locked on like a hypnotist,
My body count niggaz trying to get with the wickedness
I'm stuck in the flow fuck it though,
This goes to the otherside
I'll take you on a murderride

Murderride x 17

You want to go to war, I'll take you to war
You want to go to hell, I'll open up hells doors
Let me drive you to suicide once I show you can't hide
From the rain where bullets fly
Acid maniac psychoneurotic
Do you believe in God, a reel life product
The meek shall inherit the earth now
Look at all those dead bodies piled on seven mile
You might see me putting in some work
Fuck it watch me do a little dirt,
Every day and night the shit gets worse
I'll take you to hell fuck a hearse
Just let me take you on a murder ride

Murderride x 17
Let me take you on a murderide

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