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Marty Stuart – By George lyrics

Written by Marty Stuart

She was the finest lookin' woman, that I've ever seen
Looked like she stepped right off the cover of a glamour magazine
I've never seen a girl like that, in this country town
The facts are black and white when she threw her arms around me
I went ......... crazy
We danced the hoochie-coochie, the tide was rollin' in
I was drownin' in a sea of romance
Then she popped the question in the back seat of my car
"If I let you love me would you let me call you, George"

I said, "Baby, (baby), baby, (baby), baby, (baby)
Well, you can call me George Jetson, call me George Jones
I'll be your Georgie-Porgie, all night long
How was I to know what I was in for
I had it rockin' and a rollin' for a while, by George

By, by, by, by George

We bought a blue refrigerator, satellite and DVDs
A cozy little couch and Motorola TV
She loved to watch those pretty boys with California style
Like a jealous Mickey Rooney, George Clooney drove her wild
And I went ....... crazy

Well she started growin' distant, I felt her discontent
I couldn't make her happy with what I bought or spent
Her heart grew as cold as the air in the Norge
On which she left a note that read, "Bye George"

And I said, "Baby, (baby), baby, (baby), baby, (baby)" yeah
She called me George Jetson, she called me George Jones
I was her Georgie-Porgie, now she's gone
How was I to know what I was in for
I had it rockin' and a rollin' for a while, by George

By, by, by, by, by
By, by, by, by, George

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