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Martina McBride – I'm Gonna Love You Through It lyrics

She dropped the phone and burst into tears
The doctor just conformed her fears
Her husband held it and held her tight
Cancer don't discriminate or care if you're just 38
With three kids who need her in their lives
He said, "I know that you're afraid and I am, too
But you'll never be alone, I promise you"

When you're weak, I'll be strong
When you let go, I'll hold on
When you need to cry, I swear that I'll be there to dry your eyes
When you feel lost and scared to death,
Like you can't take one more breath
Just take my hand, together we can do this
I'm gonna love you through it.

She made it through the surgery fine
They said they cut her just in time
But they had to take more than they planned
Now it's forced smiles and baggy shirts
To hide what cancer took from her
But she just wants to feel like a woman again
She said, " I don't think I can do this anymore"
He took her in his arms and said "that's what my love is for"


And when the road gets too long
Just take my hand, together we can do it
I'm gonna love you through it.
I'm gonna love you through it.

I'm gonna love you through it.

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    My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer last week. They thought they got it all with the first surgery but at her checkup we found out that she has to have a double mastectomy next friday. It has been an emotional roller coaster since day one. There are 3 of us children so this song just really fits the situation, it makes me cry everytime I hear it. We are going to love her through it!
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    This song caught me off guard the first time I heard it. Wound up crying because it was a picture of my husband. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 40 with 3 school age children. He was beside me every step of the way, always having the perfect response to my needs--crying, praying, understanding my feelings when all my hair fell out, never pushing me more than I could bear, protecting me in every way. Thirty years later, I am cancer free and still amazed at the man who is the love of my life. ". . . In sickness and in health ... " sue.
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    I have a friend who means the world to me. He is fighting to get his life back. A stroke took away all of his abilities to move. He has come so far and is now able to do things the dr's thought he would never do. My heart swells up every time I think of him and how hard he has had to work. I want to be there and help him thru it. He is my best friend.
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    I am 15 years old and I actually have breast caner and I don't have any hair and it is really bad and I just hope I am here to see the rest of my life and that god wont take me soon. This song means everything to me and this is my boyfriends and mine song. He has been with me when I got diginosed with it and has been to every appontment and every surgery with me. I love you buba.
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    I love this song. Nd I think it means tht you should nvr give up nd tht you should always b there 4 people, bc in the video it tlks about how people was there 4 them nd they got better. Maybe because they had help nd suppport or just because they knew they had sumthing 2 live nd look forward to. Nd uk how they feel because my grandma died in 2009 so I understand how they feel.
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