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Mars Ill – Planes And Trains lyrics

(Verse #1, Pigeon John)
I live on the road, a modern day hobo/
Trained to eat quick and expect the low blow/
Get what you can from a dried up hole/
In the land of the lost, cowboys in the sand/
And my soul is the coal, and my life is the flame/
And it's burning to earn all the lights and the fame/
And it's turning to ash every step towards cash/
And I'm losing it fast so I mash on the gas/
But it's too late/
My fate is a broken-hearted freshman even before my first date/
And I smile at my call, another yes, yes ya'll/
With every summer, there's fall/
So I just rock in my chair while they rock to the beat/
A whole trainload of fresh meat/
And it's so sweet how they dream, their young hearts beam/
But they really don't know what it means, but they will though...

(There by subway train)
Another day booked, I'm a fish on a hook now/
(There by subway train)
It's too late to turn out my ride 'til I die now/
(There by subway train)
Hitching a ride into town with my hands out/
(There by subway train)
I gotta go now, gotta go now, gotta go now...

(Verse #2, manchild)
Took my car to the marta station, train to the airport/
Feet to the bare floor, fists to declare war/
Fame as a flare, tore pain from your stare/
Used the game as a springboard, my name's at your in-store/
Kick to the snare drum, get here to there, son/
They stick to the chair like chicks that get their hair done/
Spit this to spare none, rhyme liquid in rare form/
Commit to prayer born, brought heat to stay warm/
Rap is my two cents, backed by the movement/
Sacrificed my words to give you Pigeon John and Blueprint/
Pleased just to thank you, hang with a strange few/
Five to the Deepspace, stay the same just to change you/
Pen to the notepad, mind to the starshine/
Knee to the groundwork, 'cause right now is our time/
Plane to the down south, marta to the train stop/
Walked to the car and drove back to the block...


(Verse #3, Blueprint)
Are we there yet? Let me know, I'm feeling restless/
From traveling up what feels like stair steps/
And I hope it doesn't make me weak when I start to question/
How far I'm willing to go to deliver this message/
But the point of no return is where we're all at/
It's easier to push forward than to go back/
And since I can't go back to life before rap/
I'ma play this game and boost all my stats/
I was born at a time when you earned respect/
For the rhyme and the way you made words connect/
Not the money that you made or the girls you sexed/
A concept you obviously haven't heard of yet/
I did more shows in a month than you did in your life/
Ate gas station food, stayed up late nights/
Met a couple women that I'd like to make my wife/
And realized that I'd travel anywhere for mics...


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