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Marley Marl – Wack Itt (feat. Roxanne Shante) lyrics

F/ Roxanne Shantй


Wack itt, wack itt, wack itt...

Now this is called the Wack Itt, and I do it all the time

Choose the wackest, wackest beats, and add the wackest, wackest rhymes

The wacky, wacky, wacky voice, which I really shouldn't say, is wacky

Some people say it's wack, but it's not, it's just cracky

This is how I do it, some people just can't hack it

If it's cold outside, then go on and put on a jacket

But now I'm here to tell you. And we know this for a fact

This record's just like crack, you know what it is? It's wack

Wack itt

I mean you're goin out the whole nine yards

Now I'm sittin in my room tryin to guess just what to do

So I decided to get wacky, cause you know, yo, that's true

So we turned on to a track that had to be super wack

And yo, guess what we came up - somethin like that

I was really thinkin about some things that make me mad

How could you get a gold record when you sound like J. J. Fad?

I mean come on, let's be for real, I mean I didn't wanna say it

But their shit was so wack, yo, this one I know you'll play it

It's record

A wacky record

Now just jump up and down, spin your head from left to right

Then just move a little bit, get real close, but not too tight

Let me see you throw your hands up in the air like you don't care

And that's called the wackest dance, and we'll call it the Underwear

It's a record

A wacky record

(Go on, girl)

Now my name is Shantй, not Wanda Wah-Wah

And I'm here to make a record, and some people say I'm a star

I say: Yeah, I do agree, but you have to think real close

I mean, when it comes to bein wacky, J. J. Fad, yo, they're the most

It's a wack itt

Wack itt, wack itt, wack itt...

Now if you want a example, let me tell you what makes me mad

Did you ever hear Supersonic that was by J. J. Fad?

Listen close to what I'm sayin, cause it went somethin like this


Or you can say I missed, I really can't resist

To come to someone, up to their face. And then give them a diss

I do it all the time, everytime I say a rhyme

People jump, yeah, all on mines, cause you know they're out of line

I tell them to step right back, cause you know the record's wack

If you do not like the record, yo - I got it like that

I can make rhymes up just like this

Make the people not wanna resist

They listen to the beat and start to dance

And then they start to jump up in their pants

Now I told you how to do the dance

Get on the floor and take a chance

Now this is known as a matter of fact

Yo, stop the track, let's get wack





(*as a record is spun backwards*)

Yo yo

Wait a minute

Wait a minute

My ears

What you're doin, baby

Stop playin




My God

Wack itt, wack itt, wack it...



Wack wack

Now sittin in my room tryin to guess just what to do

So I decided to get wacky, cause you know, yo, that's true

So we turned on to a track that had to be super wack

And yo, guess what we came up - somethin like that


Now get offa my tip


Now who would believe...

See this - this here happens to be a fad or a faze or a style

That the party people happen to be going through

And I'm in this to win this

And I'm here to get paid, so I figured I might as well get wack too

I mean come on

They might even tell me that the record is


Now wasn't that cute

But anyway

Wish I get some respect after this one

Wack itt

Wack itt

Wacky wack itt

Wack itt

Wack itt


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