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Mark Knopfler – Rollin' On lyrics

Been kickin' sawdust
In these clothes
For a blue moon
And a red nose
The boys will put 'em up
And tear 'em down
We'll wash away
The dirt
Just a glass a day
Ain't gonna hurt
Pretty soon we'll move on
Out of town

We pass them by
Across the plains
We don't even try
To catch the names
It's supper-time and their kids
Are home from school
They draw the shades
On their shops
While we go a'checking
Through the props
And putting on the paint
To play the fool

Then we're rollin' on
Rollin' on
Feeling, better
Than we did last night
Rollin' on rollin' on
It's hard some times
Pretty much it's alright

I'll go soft shoe
When it rains
I'll go shuffle through
The aches and pains
Mr. Young at heart
That's what I try to be
They all laugh
And cry
They get to feeling better
And that is why
If it was good for you
Truly it was good for me

Then we're rollin' on
Rollin' on
Feeling better
Than we did last night
Rollin' on rollin' on
It's hard sometimes
Pretty much it's alright

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    Clowns in a traveling circus rolling on through town after town in a caravan or circus train, putting up tents and tearing them down, washing away dirt and sawdust with one drink a day--one can't hurt. Rollin' on. Passing by houses with kids home from school, never knowing their names, and shops with drawn shades around supper time, while at the same time, the clowns are preparing for their performance. Doing their job, putting on an act -- making people laugh and cry through their silly antics with their happy/sad painted on faces, doing the soft shoe, being young at heart, helping people feel better and to forget about their aches and pains and their mundane lives for the moment; thus, for the clowns, a brief grandiose respite from their own grinding existence -- a symbiotic relationship between clowns and audience?-- "it's hard sometimes, pretty much it's alright." Rolling on. And so it goes.
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