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I'm Just Your Problem lyrics

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Marceline – I'm Just Your Problem lyrics

La da da da ta
I'm gonna bury you in the ground
La da da da ta
I'm gonna bury you in my sound
I'm gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face
I'm gonna

Sorry I don't treat you like a goddess,
Is that what you want me to do?
Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect,
Like all your little loyal subjects do.
Sorry I'm not made of sugar,
Am I not sweet enough for you?
Is that why you always avoid me?
That must be such an inconvenience to you
Well, I'm just your problem.
I'm just your problem.
It's like I'm not even a person, am I?
I'm just your problem
Well, I shouldn't have to justify what I do.
I shouldn't have to prove anything to you.
I'm sorry that I exist,
I forget what landed me on your black list.
But I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you.
So, why do I want to? Why do I want to
To... bury you in the ground... and drink the blood from your... UGH!

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    This song me feel so amazing. I can actually relate to this. This girl in one of my classes treats me just like Princess Bubblegum treats Marceline. She treats me like I don't exist, like I'm invisible, and she expects me to treat her like a goddess. She pretty much rules school. The only thing that want to do is sing this to her and make her understand that just because I don't want to follow her rules that she can just ignore me. I plan on doing this soon. Thank Rebecca Sugar for singing this song! It has changed me in many ways. Just because lt's short, doesn't mean that it can't change someone's perspective of life.
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    Marceline is truly a character that I feel I can relate too. This song is so inspirational yet so short. However in the couple minutes that it's sung comes across a strong meaningful song. For those who feel as if they are invisible to someone who feels as if they "rule over you" then give 'em the finger and show them they are no better then you!
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    I love Marceline, she's not only a really confident and soulful character and she relates to us all no matter how amazing we think we are their is always someone better than us, this song really conveys the emotions of Marceline how princess Bubblegum has always forced her to be the underdog. In this song she stands up to her and tells her that she's tired of being treated this way and that her and bubblegum are actually equals and she should treat Marceline like she is her equal. In some ways I find this song inspirational to all of us My self I want be like Marceline able to stand up and say that is not fair when faced with people who try to undermine our confidence and self-worth. I have had problems where I have been treated as less than someone else I have never been tackle the problem the same way sometimes I wish I had this confidence and sang about how I felt in her face!
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    It makes me feel like I'm not the only one that I'm not alone and for me it is nice to know that I'm not by myself. What it means to me like I said that other people go through what I go through. Some people feel that they need to change so that they can be liked. And I believe that we don't have to change and Marceline has proved that. There will always be someone out there who like you the way you are.
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