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Maino – I Got 5 On It lyrics

We on the way to Yokohama, Japan, with this one, niggaare.
Rocking my privilege, and all that.
It's a privilege to be in my presence.

Black flag, Maino, pull up in that Coupe thang,
Jordie on my right side, that's my little cute thang,
You can bring your friends too, we can do the group thang,
All of us together, baby, we gon'be the Wu Tang.
Shout out to my hommies in the pen, I'mma rescue you!
See you when you come home or when they put me next to you.
Guess I'm just a realist niggaare here, what I'm supposed to do?
Surrounded by these inner street lanes, I'll uncurve the roof.
Champagne glasses, grab me the lobster.
Standing on the terrace, getting head in my boxers.
All six shots and a Nickelberry Rover.
Starfaced they no, move like a lobster,
Move like I'm 'pposed to, Mommie, if you want to,
Shots gon'fly back and forth, is what I won't do.
Here we gon'celebrate, come and let the goose pop,
Big as the world, baby, feel like I'm 2Pac.
Feel like us, baby, haters used to doubt me.
They'll look around, I'm the king of king's county.
Women in my section, shooters all around me.
I'mma hustle hard 'till they put me in the ground, see?
Now I got them listening, little bitches wwittering.
Rows ain't for me, another round for my women friend.
Caught up in the lime life, I was doing jailtime.
I'm not successful?! You ain't in your damn mind!
I'm a living dream, girl. Life feeling so good.
Ex-convict, inspiration for the whole hood.
Mommie, what it is. He was popping geez,
Dollars on my mind, gotta get them dollar geez,
Counting on my blessings, got 2 convictions.
Tryin' to get this bread, so, when is that a question?
Really ain't the thing what would happen if I fell rabid.
Back to the weak spot, Back to the action,
Back to the.. Hugging on my Mac10,
Back to the projects, back to the crack den.
Lord, don't blame me, this is what they gave me.
Shout out to my whole world, this is what it made me.

Can't stop while the living is good!

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