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Main Source – Diary Of The Hitman lyrics

Ayo, straight up and down on the reel to real, if you
Drug abusing child abusers don't get your shit
Right now, your children might grow up like this
He was born in a jail cell, cause his mother was a con
And in his mother's cupped arms was a newborn timebomb
But it wasn't his fault he was in the cageed vault for aggrivated assault
On his eight-year-old sister
As Mr. Daddy stood there, instead he should have dissed her
And now mommy's found guilty
Cause she almost beat her daughter to death for spilling a glass of milk,
Poppa was a boozer, momma was a drug abuser
They were no-win losers
And now Sonny's gotta struggle
And another day of life to him's another day of trouble
You gotta live this life for you to try and understand
The diary of a hitman
The diary of a hitman
Sonny's making money on the norm and you know he's got another job
When you see him with the leather gloves on
He got a look in his eye like he wants to die
Packing the nine double murder near his thigh
10 G's a head, whoever you want dead
Will be filled with lead, and be buried in their own red
He don't sleep at night, cause he's just like an owl
On the prowl and his lifestyle's foul
A self-made boss in the??? Of his moms and pops
Is what really ticks him off
A flashback from the past, dad whipping mom's ass
For the cash, after that she hit the stash
And takes a blast of the trash she was hooked on
And Sonny felt helpless, as he looked on
You gotta live this life for you to try and understand
The diary of a hitman
The diary of a hitman
Sonny got a call from the mob
It was 100, 000 grand for my man to do a quick job
The contract was plain and simpl

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