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Magnificent – M-A-G- To The N-O lyrics

Holla, yeah Magnificent aka Magno
New Print 1. 7 baby, yeah

This is, Magnificent
Aka, M-A-G to the N-O
I'm so thoed, with my style
All the hoes love my smile, hood niggaz dig my lingo

Yeah, I steer wide in the 8-5
Can unload seats, deer eyes when I graze by
While you watching, queer Eye for the Straight Guy
I'm bout to cop a current year ride, for a great buy
But for now, I'ma keep it old school
Keep pad in the consul, look like pro tools
Look I'm so cool, I'm in a new blue seven
Engine reving, watching re-runs of 2-2-7
Listen up, I'm the dude who repping
The big 5-6, who get enough head to satisfy five dicks
That is why my disc, is the coldest that you hearing
I'm focused with it, cheering
Listen up quote for quote, I'm what they fearing
Like blind dates with midgets, I'm great with lyrics
Which is why till I die, I stay with riches
No lie guy, Magno straight ridiculous

This is, Magnificent
Aka, M-A-G to the N-O
I'm so thoed, with my style
All the hoes love my smile, hood niggaz dig my lingo
I'ma cruise through, looking so cool
7-7 old school, candy blue with the top down
So slick, while I'm leaning on a switch
Screens give me with a flick, all the chicks wanna bop now

Po' another fo', I'm bout to lean in this verse
But if your boy go, chunk a screen in my hearse
I had a dream bout the worse, I got drunk in Oakcliff
Died went to heaven, and popped trunk on Moses
But like I said, that was just a dream
And this is just a theme, no rocks still squad on a cut and bleed
Man, you must have seen
How my tires on my deep dish, like mustard greens
I got my best advice, from a busted fiend
Cause he been down this road, and I'm trying to take a detour
That's why, I'm finna blow like some C-4
Mo' than befo', each bar's a kilo
I moved from Wholesale, cause these boys they be broke
But it's cool, cause I keep the fiend's quoting
My 16's potent, can't roll with the worst
Cause some of y'all got, K-roll in your verse mo'fuckers


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