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Greenspoint lyrics

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Magnificent – Greenspoint lyrics

Say Mag's back, this is 1.7
Got a heavenly grind, I'm like a on-point Reverend
I'm Nawf-side, at least one joint repping
That big 5-6, cause I'm guns point stepping
I be the best, niggaz on the Net be hating
Like I don't recognize, they IP address
Get a life, and raise up off the couch
With them reality shows, and come back to reality hoes
Cause the fact that you can hate, your morality shows
While I'm steady, dropping allergy flows
That's my way of saying, that I'm so sick
Matter fact, man the shit is scary
I should do a photo shoot, for my obituary
Yeah I'm that ill, and I'm bout to get worse
And I don't step in the booth, without a doc or a nurse
And I don't fabricate, about rocks in my verse
I just rock in my verse, till I rot in a hearse
And everywhere I go, they swear my drop is a smurf
Cause it's powder blue, even the cops wanna search
Man I swear they actors, if a glock's in my shirt
Oh well, I'ma rep till the top for my turf
56 screens, where even the chicks mean
Everybody sip lean, or they hit the dip mean
Every old school, is on a 56 screen
The fifth dropping, and the trunk is knocking
But niggaz fist fighting, and the guns is popping and
Niggaz give a fuck, if the sun is watching
You get jacked broad day, while your sun is watching
Niggaz raw, they don't wait for the moon
If you got some street cred, you best wait for your goons
Cause niggaz here got guns, that's the shape of a broom
No shame in they game, they'll break in your room
Greenville Village, Lick and Green East
Met Candy Meadows, Rushwood, Broad Creek
Nuffburrow, Imperial Valley
You can get jacked, if you near in a alley
Gibson road, can't forget the Seminar
Niggaz on the corner, sipping on the ten-a-bar
Yep I know, that's a lot of thick mud
But hey this Greenspoint, it's a lot of sick thugs

[Hook x2]
The fifth dropping, and the trunk is knocking
Well niggaz fist fighting, and the guns is popping and
Niggaz give a fuck, if the sun is watching
You get jacked broad day, while your son is watching

You know, straight like that mayn
West Greens what it do baby, Greenville Village
Lick and Green East ya know, Greens Road baby
This how we do it mayn 56 ya heard, Magno ya heard

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