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Macka Diamond – Bun Im lyrics

Mi seh Blacker, mi av a man ici, a peer problem I'm a gi mi inna mi life, a peer woman a disrespect mi, a peer disrespect ting I'm a gwaan wid, wheh mi mus do Blacker?
(Blacker)Bun I'm

Verse 1
Mi man go out as I'm like, come in as I'm like, chat pan phone will gal whole night, in a mi sight, yuh know dat nuh right, an when mi a talk a me I'm waan fight, true mi nah bite a gyal a get brite, walk pass mi trow wud a get hype, she seh mi man want har cah fi ar sittn tight, but when in come home I'm seh a me a Mrs. Right

Macka bun im(whoa)
Tek man pan I'm tek di house an land an run im(gweh)
Bun im(whoa)
Tek man pan I'm tek di car an van an run I'm

[Verse 2:]
Mi tell I'm mi a lef, an I'm a sen threat.
Yow pack up yuh clothes an lef
Blacker, a di fus man mi see hard fi lef
Yow I'm av suh much gyal an still a fret
I'm nuh care nuh care, yuh nuh si di bwoy waan come bruck off mi neck
Sista dem deh bwoy deh yuh nuh pet.... Macka


Verse 3
I'm av woman there, woman here, woman everywhere, av gyaal a call mi pan di phone a mi yaad an a gwaan like I'm don't care

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