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Mack Maine – Sacrificial Lamb lyrics

The trumpets blow around the walls of Jericho
As I get caught up in the line of fire
They fire tryina leave my line flat like a nail infested tire
Nod to heaven where niggas been hiding
You liars, y’all never see your Messiah
While I’m reading the book of Jeremiah
I am better than any cat that try to run up, I’m a warrior
Standing on the front line, homie, look, I bust mine
See I don’t mind dying, standing in the midst
Make sure that my man don’t get hit, take a bullet for my best friend
Cruising North West sin, as y’all spirits just taught a lesson
I’m the type you don’t wanna mess with

And I’ll take everything in this life
I’ll join everyone when I die

Who’s afraid to lose their life?
That’s a man that should have never been born
You shall be scorned, my niggas be warned
You don’t start this because you’re considered children of the corn
Land in the cornfield, tryina just to pick something
Maybe a harvest, see life is the hardest, see You was born in,
Just preach the Gospel to the Holy Apostles and to the lost people
I see Your lost people, I’ll be Your navigation
I don’t really wanna be the type for sanitation
I’m not the type that run off before the confrontation
In fact, I’ll always try to stop the confrontation

And I’ll take everything in this life
I’ll join everyone when I die

Me and Him got the same parents’ name
You know, Mary and Joseph
How do you know His last name?
Shit, I’m not from Bethlehem
See, I’m from Holly Grove
But I would lend a hand to those that need
Some counseling … they not lost
Plus I could call shots every day, see, I’m bossy
If this was the old days I’d be born as a king
Landing the major, type that’s not endangered
My dad … that I plight and shoot like a ranger
And I have a lot of soldiers, I still got a lot of soldiers
I don’t need to pop the … I just maintain composure
You know that, you know that

That I’ll take everything in this life
I’ll join everyone and understand
‘Cause all men die
‘Cause all men die

And I’ll take everything in this life
I’ll join everyone since I’m gonna die

I’ll take everything in this life
I’ll join everyone ‘cause all men die

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