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Mack 10

The Testimony lyrics

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Mack 10 – The Testimony lyrics

Life is driving me crazy
Everything ain't all gravy
If it ain't one thing it's another
Why me I believe in karma
So I know that answer is coming back on me

Life is driving me crazy
Everything ain't all gravy
If it ain't one thing it's another
Why me I believe in karma
So I know that answer is coming back on me

If the devil wasn't alive Mack would be stressed
Riding around town in a bulletproof vest
Police everywhere armour cars and shhhhh
Worried about being another victim of a hit
But my relationship too strong for real I'm a saint
A child of God and if you hate me then you ain't
Be the only G I know to take it all with no triggers
So I put my faith in him and never no niggas
As a result of that I'm cool seem like I'm never nervous
So catch me Sunday mornings in that 8: 30 service
Told me ride with me son and I'll never leave you lonely
Yeah troubles for a reason cause now you got a testimony


Most people get outrageous when they hit they knees
But I'm a thank you for the simple things the grass and the trees
I'm grateful for everything my fame and good wealth
I'm blessed with good money but most of all with good health
God if they don't think I'm sincere they don't know me never knew me
And I tear up every time I think how good you been to me
I should of lost a few times and walked away without any pay
But I got favoured with you and you gave it to me anyway
So when you blind in a situation believe he can show you
And if you ever need a hug then just believe he can hold you
So turn to the Lord for he's the best to consult you
And that's the realest thing that Mack 10 ever told you


Thank you for letting me conquer my enemies and they plots
And thank you for letting my momma survive the 5 shots
It was up close and personal a lot for a kid to see
All the stuff I been through how could I not be a G
I know he got a purpose for me it ain't no if ands or maybes
God in case I never told you I want to thank you for my babies
Although I'm a gangster rapper I'm pretty smart and well rounded
I never sell my soul and I promise to stay grounded
He said all you got to do is just speak it and believe it
And everything I prayed for I eventually receive it
While the devil work overtime the suckers stay doubting you
I'm aware of all my blessings and I know I'm nothing without you


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