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Long Beach Dub All Stars – Lies lyrics

Lies won't set you free
So why do foolish things?

I heard every single lie
Comin' up in my youth
I need proof
Cuz some people just won't tell the truth
For example
Let's take
Mr. Hookitdupman
Who never hooks it up the plan always sinks like quick sand
You wanna get backstage man I know the whole band
This type of fool is in a land when we don't understand (damn baby)
I could hook you up but yo I think her name is Joanne
You'll probably be with her for the night buf for sure she don't got no plans
The only thing your getting that night is your dick in your hand
Bein' ridiculous can get you in a predicament and
Plus the day that you'll be burning yourself (Pop pop)
Pretty soon your gonna be asking for help

Lies won't set you free
You've got to tell the truth now
So why do foolish things?
You know what you got to do now

Got caught lookin' stupid
Now look at you
If I was the judge
I would have already thrown the book at you
You're not bein' straight
And that's the crooked truth

The long beach dub crew you know I'm hooked on you
My mom's just nice she said she loved the way you ripped it

Look you don't hafta lie to kick it
So just quit it
Forget it
Before your credit
Becomes pathetic

But I need to get backstage
I don't want it Eric

Lies won't set you free (you've got to tell the truth now)
So why do foolish things? (you know what you got to do now)

I got a new car
I'm a big superstar
A house and a yacht
It don't ever ever stop
I drive a cadillac escalade

Lies won't set you free
You got ta tell the truth now
So why do foolish things?

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