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Long Beach Dub All Stars – Like A Dog lyrics

One, two , one, two, three
Ruff, ruff, ruff [Incomprehensible]

Aren't so many journeys
Always in a hurry
Crossin' so many bridges
Just tryin' to make a livin'

But we won't stop rockin' the jam
'Cause we got the master plan
After tonight you'll be rockin' my way
The field marshal is the boss DJ

We could try the groupin'
But no words could ever hurt me, no, no
Because the fire is in the oven
And the baby's pullin' lovin'

Hold on

My love can move mountains
My faith is walkin' by you like a dog
I'll be happy sad or vicious in a moment
And I would die right next to you

Laundry trash and dishes
Stackin' up ten miles high
But it feels like gettin' higher every day
We'll see what all your wishin'
Has to do in terms of vision

Well you should never over look
What it takes to set the fish on the hook
Close minded smile
Makes you wonder why, wonder why, why

We can never hate the player
We can only hate the game
You could never point you finger down at me

We don't need no constitution
We don't need no mass confusion
We don't need the president to tell us were free
Everybody wants a little taste of anarchy

'Cause my love can move mountains
And my faith is walkin' by you like a dog

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