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LilyPichu – Slendy's Lullaby lyrics

Someone's always watching me,
Someone's always there

When I'm sleeping he just waits,
And he stares

Someone's always standing in the
Darkest corner of my room

He's tall and wears a suit of black,
Dressed like the perfect groom

Where are you going?
Why won't you stay?

They might be scared of you,
But I just want to play...

He has no face,
He hides with the trees...

He loves little children,
When they beg and scream


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  • u
    I literally have to idea whatsoever of what this song means. It is actually kind of comforting. In a upsetting sort of way. Oh well! I am a weirdo after all! It is not like it matters anyways. But this song is a strange song that sits oddly in my stomach after I hear/sing it.
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  • x
    This song is about Slenderman watching his quote-unquote prey to terrify them and possibly driving them crazy before finally snatching them and killing them for his own immortality. Slenderman is known world wide because of both his own legend and the creepy pasta stories. The little girl singing the lullaby is his next victim and is asking for help, clearly not succeeding in her cries for help silently goes through and is explaining what he looks like since unless you are his next victim he is practically invisible to anyone except when they have a camera.
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  • Eruanna
    I love this song in a creepy/ nice sort of way, I mean in this song slender man is like a father. And event though he scares the crap out of little kids (except the girl singing this), she seems to enjoy Slendy's company. I mean if I had a psychotic child-murder watching me sleep and killing everyone else but me - I'd be pretty thankful. Of course in it's own twisted way it's extremely frightening, but in an optimistically-minded perspective describing Slenderman's look as a "perfect groom" is pretty clear on how the girl feels about him/it/whatever the heck it is.
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