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Lil Rob – 4 Corner Room lyrics

[Lil' Rob]
As I sit in my four corner room
Ain't got no room for nobody else, just for myself
I'm tripping out, I haven't seen daylight for days
What's today anyway? Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday?
Seems like time's going backwards like an hourglass going in reverse
I'm bouncing off walls like rubber balls
In my mind, dreams, nightmares and waterfalls
Mary Jane calls my name, take me away
As I float over my body and look at myself
That can't be me, there's no way
How could this happen to such a man with such a plan?
Just when you think you're on top of the world and nothing can bring you down
Believe me homeboy, something always can
Seems like I'm sinking in quick-sand
With nobody to lend a helping hand
But I trust no hand to help me
Even though I've helped many, they couldn't do shit without me
All work and no play makes Lil' Rob a dull boy
How could you live your life this way? Get up
But the pain won't let up, the voices in my head won't shut up
I feel I've been set up, I can't even pick my head up
I sit paditonic, explode like atomic
People think I'm on the shit, but I'm not on it
All I wanted was to live a simple life
But now I live this crippled life
Had a bright future, gots my mind boggled
'cause now I look at my future through foggy goggles
My room's getting smaller, and I'm getting taller
Our Father who art in Heaven, I trust you with everything about my vida
But I don't trust the Reverand, trust no man, trust no girl
Turn something straight into a curl
Collection of bad thoughts drives my brain insane
Even with heart aches and migraines
My pains and black and blue my eyes are bloodshot red
I'm halfway to dead, I'm half alive
I'm lost in the middle, trying to figure out a riddle
That cannot be solved, as the world revolves
How did I get myself involved?
Sitting in the darkness, slipping into darkness
How did I start this? Time to depart this
As I sit in my four corner room
Ain't got no room for nobody else, just for myself

As I sit, in my four corner room
As I sit, in my four corner room
As I sit, in my four corner room
As I sit, in my four corner room

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