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Lil' Kim – Guess Who's Back Freestyle lyrics

Itz that bitch wit that platinum grammy
Kill a nigga' for ma' nigga'
By any means bitch, c*** the hammer
Little Kim strike a pose and everybody snap they camera
Ma' fans range from kids, to the motherfockin grandma!
Oh yess de Queen Bee is back in the game
Even though it bin a while, I'm still a household name
Rock a ice blue diamond that'll make ya' body shiver
Like the Domino's pizza boy, I deliver.
Ya'll jus' mad cos it's me they lovin
If your shit is half-baked, then put it back in the oven
See I laugh at'chu hoes try'na come for the crown
Well C'mon if you comin, cos I ain't playin' around!
Quick like the lone-ranger, gunnin' you down
Niggaz I used to look up to, I'm sunnin' you now
So fuck you, fuck you, and ya motherfocker too ya fuckin faggot!
I should make ma' niggaz bust off the rappin'
Ma' flow you never catch it, gotta' chain I might snatch it
Ma' logo leave a imprint and it burn like acid
The L-I, L to the K-I-M
(yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
You foolz, you gon' say I am...

Guess whos Bazack! Back on de block
If you niggaz bustin us, we bustin back wit' a glock
When Jake pull up we throw our drugs in the sock
We away for a while that means we buildin our stock

Guess who's Bazack! Back on de block
If you niggaz bustin us, we bustin back wit' a glock
When Jake pull up we throw our drugz in the sock
If we away for a while, that means we choppin' up rocks

(Kim sez a few wordz till fade out)

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