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Lil' Kim – Gone Delirious lyrics

Swizz Beatz (Lil' Kim)

Uh, The Monster, Queen Bee, uh-huh
You can't be serious
Fix ya face
We gon do a song(yeah, yeah)
That you never heard before(ah, yeah)
We comin to take this yall
We comin to rock this yall
(This is the world premiere)
Yall ain't ready for it
But get ready for it(Aw yeah)
(Yeah)Queen Bee
Talk to 'em(Yo Swizz where it at baby)
Talk to 'em(Where it at?)

Lil' Kim (Swizz Beatz)

Just to prove to yall niggas that I'm still on top
I told Swizz gimme the guttest shit you got(I got chu)
I'ma give it to you raw weather you like it or not(oow)
Like it's my last bullet and I only got one shot(oow)
Aim straight for the middle like I'm throwing a dart(shoow)
And when I spit beleave it's going straight to your heart(ow)
I lay my mack game down nigga straight from the start(come on)
Don't take it personal baby(a-yo)
Fuck You, pay me
Ain't nothin but ladys in my dark blue Mercedes
With the Beravas kit
Got niggas mad as shit(awo)
No we never sip unless there ice in our drinks(come on)
But sometimes we get cold from the ice in our minks
That fly girl persona it's a premadonna world(oh, oh, oh)
Act like you ain't heard about the Gabana Girls(oh, oh, oh)
Holyhood style gettin love around the globe(oh, oh, oh)
You might catch me next season on the cover of Vouge(oh, oh, oh)

Lil' Kim (Swizz Beatz)-Chrous

Yall niggas done gone delirious(delirious)
Yall hoes can't be serious(serious)
Queen Bee, Swizz Beatz, They scared of us(scared of us)
Yall know it ain't no comparing us

Lil' Kim (Swizz Beatz)

I make moves in the games
The other chick is a fruad(beotch)
I'm important like the Queen on the chessboard(ch-ch, ah)
Bitches talk slick but they ain't got nothin for me(ch-ch, ah)
When I'm in there territory
It's a whole nother story(ah)
We never get stuck sometimes take the long route(ah)
When our backs aganist the wall we bang our way out(ch-ch, ah)
I'm in the "gettin money" mode
Livin by the street code
Bout to have every corner of this rap game sewed
Hattin homies better start, showin some respect
Or get slaped silly heard my man G Dep, hey, hey, hey
Tryna holla at the Bee and you think ya fly
Impress me dawg throw some money in the sky(oh, oh, oh)
Dream team rockin the yellow and black jerseys(oh, oh, oh)
Pull out the black amali when I'm ridin with my dirtys(oh, oh, oh)
666 that's the mark of the beast(oh, oh, oh)
I love god nigga and I'm reppin the streets(oh, oh, oh)
(come on)


Lil' Kim (Swizz Beatz)

Return of the widow
It's goin down kiddo
Yall hate me, yeah ight ditto
That's why I keep the 4-5 in the pillow
Tresspassers they gon die in the cribo(ahh)
Black Barbie knows how to party(come on)
Don't ride but I still cop a Harley(errrhh)
Don't lie who else hot besides me
World wide I crush everybody
And I soulden't have to tell yall who run the city(oh, oh, oh)
Even my seven year old neice Rizzy(oh, oh, oh)
Knows I gets bizzy(oh, oh, oh)
You know the name Lil' Kim high class(oh, oh, oh)
Shake it shorty with ya high priced ass(shake it shorty wit yo high priced ass)
Tryna be a billionare I got things to do(oh, oh, oh)
I made my mark in this game who the fuck are you(oh, oh, oh)
They say I'm pretty like chrome on chrome(oh, oh, oh)
And that feeling on top is like home sweet home(oh, oh, oh)

Swizz Beatz

Yall ain't ready for it(oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Queen Bee, yall ain't ready for it(oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Yall ain't ready for it(oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Yall ain't ready for it(oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)


Swizz Beatz

Get your hands in the air(the Monster)
Everybody get your hands in the air(Queen Bee)
Get your hands in the air
Everybody get your hands in the air(we here)
Get your hands in the air(oh, oh)
Everybody get your hands in the air(yea, oh, oh)
Get your hands in the air(yea, oh, oh)
Everybody get your hands in the air

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