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(feat. Eightball & mjg, Oobie)

[Lil Jon]
Lil Jon, East Side Boyz, Ballin-G, shit we pimpin bitch

Baby I just want you to know
That I don't trust you but I need you
And I can't let you go no
And baby I just need you to promise me
That you won't hurt me or desert me and the everything I need

[Chorus (2x)]
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin

Ain't no way I can control my P. I
See why women hit the strip and wanna be my bitch (bitch)
Break them heels off and make me rich
Now which one of these old tramps you gonna pick
I'm the M-J-G
I be rollin in big classics
Caddilacs, top drop back, hoe it's a habit
Ain't no rabbits in my hat
No drinks on my allie
Let's stay spendin some money to fuck challie
I'm a pimps baby
Cut me I bet ya I please bitches
Ain't no shame in my game
I needs bitches to increase my dividends
I'm livin in shit that looks like I'm makin the killin in
I'm a plan maker
I'm the man that can break a school girl down to be in the grand shaker
In a strip club somewhere near you I makes it happen
M-J-G slash breakin these bitches slash rapper

[Chorus (2x)]
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin

[8 Ball]
I'm a dawg bitch
You ain't in love with me at all
Got ya hand out tryin to get something from big ball
Look I told you I hang with niggaz that pimp hoes
Shakin every trap and collectin from strip shows
I'm a fat playa with a mouth full of gold
I be smokin plenty dro
But I don't put none up my nose
Qualification for any selection I'm makin
Fast talkin, street walkin, non-stop trip breakin
They don't keep nothin dough
They bring it straight to daddy
You catch them stealin dawg
You beat that ass badly
If you not a pimp or broad on the strip
You might not understand this pimpin fallin off my lips
Just don't fake it playa cause it ain't hard to spot
You think you ballin you square like a match box
See I can't help baby
I was born with it
Real hustler have to beat the street and go and get it

[Hook 2 (2x)]
See I don't want to
I do need to
Cause I know I can't trust you
I can't be you
So I'm hopin that one day that you can be true
Cause all of my plans involve you

[Chorus (2x)]
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin

[Big Sam]
Well I'm Big Sam, got bitches galore
You may have a lot of bitches
But I got much more
Short hair, long hair in them fitted suits
Prada boots and hoes that think they cute
But bitch come short with my cheese
Hoe you ain't seen in me
You bets go get me my cheese or you can limp for me
Cause I'm a breaker man and I'm a pimp you see
And I ain't got time for you chickenhead, tricks you fleas
Cause I P-I-M to the P
Pimpin these hoes ain't a thang to me
Been breakin these bitches since '79
Pimpin they ass for them nickles and dimes
And don't give me no excuses
When it come to my money
Cause I'm Nino Brown and you G-Money
And I'm a motherfucker nigga you will never try
Fuck you hoes cause I'm a pimp 'till I die

[Chorus (2x)]
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin
But I can't stop this pimpin
I just can't stop this pimpin

[Hook 3]
Tell me why (tell me why)
Why you won't stop (why you won't stop)
Your pimpin baby
Cause I need you baby (baby)
See ya won't stop ya pimpin
See ya just won't stop ya pimpin
Ya won't stop ya pimpin
See ya just won't stop....

[Lil Jon]
Won't stop, can't stop this pimpin, know what I'm sayin
Its ya boy Lil Jon,
Lil Jon them East Side Boyz, Ballin-G, my girl Oobie
Doin this shit for Memphis to H-town to the atl
This pimpin ain't goin never stop, no matter what a motherfucker do
Like my boy Big Ball say "spades ace pimpin fo' ever"

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