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Lifesavas – HelloHiHey lyrics

I'll keep this brief it's nice to meet you
Though I can't get past your ego
I never hold a grudge cause love is the way
Hello hi hey... Anyway

When we do talk then I get sucked into
Introductions to your ego
You're rubbing me the wrong way
Hello hi hey... Anyway

[Verse:] (Vursatyl)
Hey yo peace Vursatyl

Hey what's up dude

Yo my name is Brian but my mc name is Catapult (oh word?)
Word my crew is called the Cannibals (ah cool)
Yeah we're 30 deep and each member's a mutant culmination of six animals
See each mc is simultaneously (okay) six creatures, that's six styles with six features
Man we're the wild kingdom of hip hop...

Okay! Hey! It's nice to meet you but I'm just about to go on stage...

Right, well, speaking of stages we're the latest phase in hip hop
And I mean face it.. Hip hop sucks without us
And we're the best that bust and best at touching the mic
I mean I like how y'all do (thank you)
But we on some new next level complexity, tarzan telepathy, organic especially
Me see I'm kinda like the leader..

Damn, I wasn't knowin!

Well, you sleepin on a heater..

Nah, I ain't never been the type to sleep...

Me either!
And that reminds me, we just recorded 90 new treats (uh huh)
Our 15 cd box set is finally complete (whoa..)
And did I fail to mention also I do beats on my Playstation 2
And I've comprised the hi-fidelity medley supreme stream a heater beat you won't believe I'm even makin' mu...

Hold up cat, beats you makin for me?

No doubt, wait til you see!

Now why you doing that man?

C'mon Vurs, man you my favorite mc, next to me
Cause t

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