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Leonard Cohen – Coming Back lyrics

(Written By Cohen, Performed In "Night Magic")

(Angels) You can't do this
You must do what
We must do what must be done

(Judy) I hear my baby calling
He is asking to be born
I see the curtains parting
That our kisses have outworn...

(Angels) Kisses all outworn...

(Judy) I'll raise a tent of shelter
Now though every thread is torn

(Angels) Every thread is torn...

(Judy) I take my life from realms of light
And hang it on a thorn

(Angels) Hanging on a thorn...

(Judy) I hear the children calling
Asking to be born
I see the curtains parting
And my life upon a thorn

The stars have lost their fire
And the moon has lost her voice
And I'm coming back to find you
I have made the human choice.

(Angels) You've made your choice
The world you choose
Garlands of planets and starlight
Now you lose

(Judy) He's the only one who knows me
He's the riddle of my life
And they'll never tell the story
Of the husband and the wife

(Angels) The world she chooses, she loses...

(Judy) He's the stone that broke my heart
The foundation of my home --

(Angels) This we must do!

(Judy) He's the sweetness of the sweetness
Of the sweetness honeycomb

(Angels) We must do what we must do!

(Judy) And he's welcome to his glory
And he's buried in my life
And they'll never tell the story
Of the husband and the wife

(Angels) She takes her life from realms of light

(Valkyries) She hangs it on a thorn

(Angels) She disobeys the law

(Valkyries) The law is broken
You must get them

(Angels) Get him.

(Valkyries) Get them!

Do what must be done
And our will be done
Will be done

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