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Legitimate Business – First World Problems lyrics

Have you seen the writing on the walls
Of everything in life you like to call your home?
Does it make you rethink everything you believe?
Does it make you want to tear down and pack up and leave?

And all the flaws in the people that you see every day,
You try to ignore them but they drive you insane.
So are you ready for the day you're gonna lose your mind?
Or wait for the night, when you start crackin' up?

I'm buying a one way ticket, straight to the bottom of your list.
I've never felt so welcome. I can't resist it. I can't resist it.
I'm buying a one way ticket, straight to the bottom of your list.
I stand by my decision. I won't be missed, no. I won't be missed, no.

I'm sick of being that face in the back of the crowd.
I'm silent at the show 'cause something's always bringing me down.
I don't accept that my life always be this way.
I'm starting today.

So start acting. Stop complaining.
It's time. Gotta move on out.
So let's get out of this house and let's get out of this town.
And we'll escape from the real world.

Despite the time we spend complaining.
And ignoring what we're wasting.
We're all stuck in stagnant places.
We're all stuck in stagnant places because...

All our problems are first world problems.

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