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Lee Taemin – Pretty Boy lyrics

[Tm] Hey jiteun noonkkeopool
Tagonan deut moodeonan noonjitgwa yeoyu
Jayeonseurae jin ooseumae
Neon oh my god

Every day, every
Every day, every night
Nal doolleossan gwahan geokjung
Rumor chamgyeongwa
Every day, every day
Dashi every night
Geundae nan shinsunhae
Chetbakwireul beoseonatji
Yes, tonight

[Kai] Cause I
do it I do it neol wihan
Soonjinhan cheok kkokdugakshineun haejul li eopji
Dadeul shwipgaedeul shwipgaedeul malhajiman

*[Tm] Hangsang
yeppeugaeman bareugaeman boyeodo
Sesang chak hagaeman yeorigaeman boyeodo
Nal neomgyeojipeun sangsangppoonil geol (Pretty boy)

Yeppeun namja ireol geoda malhaedo
Boonmyung heureudeushi ddaragal geol malhaedo
Nan ne meorisok sangsang bakkil geol (Pretty boy)

Pretty boy, pretty boy, pretty boy
P-are-E double T-Y, pretty boy*

Hey, geogi tough guy
Dolgatchi goodeo beorin eokkae him jom ppae
Hey, feel the way I move

[Kai] Like pokju gigwancha gata
Neon kkamjjak nollan
Gayeo oon geunyeol bwa noonchichaegil baram
"Namjaga neon namjaga" ipbeoreut
Wae seomsaeham
Namjawa banbirye

Cause I do it, I do it neol wihan
Soonjinhan cheok kkokdugakshineun haejul li eopji
shwipgaedeul shwipgaedeul malhajiman


[Kai] Eoddeon namjareul wonhae neon? Geotmoseubi
Namjadaoon geol wonhae? Saenggakhaebwa

Eoddeon namjareul wonhae neon? Gateun maldo
Naneun mweonga dareun mideumeul julgae negae

[Tm] Baby nan shwipgaedeul malhaneun geureon

Onshil sok hwachoga anin geol
Baby malppoonin geotman geochin namjawaneun
Naneun mweonga dareum mideumeul julgae negae
P-are-E double T-Y, pretty boy


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Submitted byiKUSTAN18
Corrected byKoreanboy


  • Koreanboy
    Just says it's a handsome guy and it would be a silly girl if rejected .They talks about her beautiful nose bridge and not all the pretty boys are equal, all have skills that make them attractive to other women.
    It is a very good song for lovers of Lee Taemin and his music, his first album was one of the best sellers in South Korea.
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