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Latif – Girl lyrics

Song: Girl
Artist: Latif
Album: Love in the First

Hold up, what's up, why you got a nigga wanna get with someone come on
Hold up, what's up, why you got me back up on the ropes

Is it Prada or Gucci jeans on yo bootie
You look like a star straight out of a movie
I just really think it's wicked how you move your body sicken
I aint really sho with it I'm tryna slide up and meet you
You got me, who's taking who
I'm in the pearl x5 sitting right outside
Tell me are you here alone
I can tell that you're with it, if you give it, I can get it come on

[Chorus 2x]
Girl you got it all sold up body bangin like wha, I just gotta give it up
Girl you got it all sold up I'm just sayin what's up can we get in this club

Lemme see you shake it, I know it's hot and naked
Girl don't make me take it, come here

[Verse 2:]
Lemme know what you just sippin
I'll make sure you'll be gettin in
'cause if you get tipsy then I'll know what the evenin looks like won't
Take it easy dear, I don't want you to pass out
Til you get home to my house then we can both just pass out
Tell just what you want
Wanna dip but you're shy
I can see it in your eyes say girl
Won't hurt you no,
Girl you're liking what you see, and I'm liking what I see so come on


Oooh girl you're makin me, want cha
Oooh girl you're makin me, want cha
Oooh girl you're makin me, want cha
Oooh girl you're makin me, want cha

[Chorus fade out]

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