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I saw the world through the lens of a pinhole camera.
I saw nothing.
I was blind.
In between a black hole and supernova is where you'll find me.
Imploding and expanding simultaneously, no longer alive.

I've been running away for so long.
When I finally caught myself
There wasn't much left.
The scripts last page is blank,
And the medicine is gone.

A sick bastard.
A twister of dark matter.
On a heavier trip than you can comprehend.

A tornado.
Trying to mend the life that's shattered.

Waiting for nothing to begin,
A fine line, my insides are tearing out.

King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.

I keep walking past the places I was born in,
And how the faces are blank, {shiny?] and dead.
I don't recognize a thing, I can't recall them.
A closed book, that I can never, never read again.

A fine line my insides are tearing out.
Now the lights fade, this final war start now.

King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.

Killing me.

All of that is ending now, for I have arisen.
Survived myself somehow, dead and imprisoned.
I'm fighting to live, inspired to see the day.
I swear I'll never sleep again, I am no mans slave.

[Interlude Voice]
I wanted the fog to lift, but I was living in a cloud.
Nostalgia is grinding the life from today.
The present always dies with future memories
And king me is killing me.
Cut wide open and bleeding to death for all to see.

King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.
King me is killing me.

It's killing me.
He won't kill me.
It's killing me.
He won't kill me.

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    UnregisteredApr 19, 2012 at 1:07 am
    Pin hole cameras are commonly used to track the movement of the sun, they require a higher exposure time than traditional cameras- its likely that staring into the sun might make a person blind, then seeing nothing, but being blind suggests no mental visions... Likely he speaks of purgatory- neither hell or heaven- could be a state of agitated depression. That is how i would describe it, unable to sleep and unable to move, quite common in the life of addicts- i relate.

    Medicine is likely the substances, by the time one decides to change they can't seem to find themselves. The truth is that addicts spend so much time lying to themselves and others that they forget who they are or have likely never discovered. A blank page suggests a ray of hope, staring from the black hole at a supernova...

    King me has a lot to do with ego, the self destroys us, it takes over and controls us. The only way to be truly free is to let self go. Ego sucks. Addiction creates egomaniacs with inferiority complexes.

    Looking back to one's past or history of use can be experienced with a sense of detachment, but i think this verse speaks more closely about black outs. There is no recollection of the what the person was doing.

    He then goes on to talk about being reborn, getting past the ego, not being a slave to oneself, sleep is the coma like stage of addiction and self enslavement. Also the thinking patterns of users can be quite restricting, much like a maximum security prison.

    It ends with the struggle, the struggle is for life. One must work very hard to kill the ego. Good luck and stay strong friend, haven't seen you play in a long time, i'll try soon!
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    UnregisteredJun 11, 2012 at 12:45 am
    Gotta be a song about greed!! Think deep guys! You have to look deeper than addiction, because addiction is really an unquenchable desire of something. Greed causes you to push others away from you, causing your own isolation and depression. I think this song is about the conflict of trying to find himself through all his greed and come out as a better person, which hopefully he has.
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    UnregisteredJun 5, 2012 at 10:16 am
    I believe he is sending a message, not just a story about his own self , but also to almost every other being, addict or not. Being the latter still lets me relate to this song in a way i could not have imagined, going through quite probably the worst phase in life this song truly sending the chills . Trying hard to be the perfect being not realizing the importance of the now, leaving almost anybody feeling spaced in a personal battle of the mind. Though fatigued, we are survivors and cannot let our guard down a second time.
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    UnregisteredMay 8, 2012 at 4:33 pm
    I think this song is about depression. When u have ended to point when you see the world, the universe as just one meaningless reality which just is continuum what never has ending.

    Then its about realizing that your memories just kills you without reason. So if you wake up from your sleep, you realize to live your life.
  • U
    UnregisteredMar 13, 2012 at 7:12 pm
    It's about a man so obsessed with conforming and achieving success in society that he ends up "killing himself" figuratively. The chorus refers to his superiority complex he's developed which is causing him to want to conform and be better than everyone else at their way of life.

    Living in a cloud, seeing the world through a pinhole camera, cut wide open for all to see. Talks about how we're disconnected from each other, our planet, and ourselves. Disconnected from the real reality, living a fake life.

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