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Lady Shy – All I Want Is You lyrics

Damn, Damn, where did all the magic go?
I stood by your side, and told you anything you had to know,
But now I've had it though, me and you were hella close,
Distance got the best of us, & so did all those other hoes
Guess that's how it goes, ups and down, hi and low,
Haven't seen you in a minute where have you been hiding though?
Man, well I don't know, you're probably getting high,
Or maybe living life, while I'm here passing you by...
My back is hurting but it's probably just that knife,
That you left in my back, when you stabbed me fuckin twice,
Anyways, I still feel like I'm here for you,
I call you all the time, but I don't ever even hear from you,
I hope you're hearing me, man, I hope it's killing you,
Because it's killing me, I feel the misery,
No point in living with out you cause I feel incomplete,
But all I want is you, I got the things I need,
I'm fucking falling and no one is there to catch me,
Am I the only one just sitting here, unhappy?
I hear you're dating now, you're going out with Stacy,
But I don't give a fuck cause she ain't ever gon' replace me!
She talks a lot of shit about me on the daily,
But all the things she's saying, can never phase me,
Do you blame me? For being so amazing?
5 years passed, and we both been changing...

I wonder sometimes, I wonder if we, would get back together again,
Trying to get you off my mind, but you appear in my dreams,
We break up, then makeup, we fight all the time, so what good would it be?
You tell me, you want me but, but I know the shit you say, you don't mean...
All I want is you...
All I want is youuuu... Yeahh
All I want is youu nowwww...
But now that your gone,
I'm broken...
All I want is you...
All I want is youuuu... Yeahh
All I want is youu nowwww...
But now that your gone,
I'm broken...

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