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Kitchen Knife Conspiracy – Entry Wound Ecstasy For The Self-Abuser lyrics

Rage Rage Rage Rape
Insane aggression, mutilate obsession
Trying to forget her younger years
Insane logic, hidden in the closet
Burning, learning her weakest fears
Darkness is priceless, pain gives her pleasure
Cutting herself, does not she'd a tear
Burning the flesh black, vomit through a flashback
Her mom's been gone for 13 years
Raping her--she's feeling him--He's forcing in
She tends to mutilate herself because her
Life's gone wrong
It feels like ecstasy, that razor blade
Is her god
She thinks her life is over, but she can't
Hear the call
Of another self-abuser that has been pushed
Too far.
Hate Hate Hate Rage
Backward regression, mutilate confession
Trying to forget my younger years
Insane logic, hidden in my closet
Burning, learning my weakness and fears
Darkness is priceless, pain gives me pleasure
Cutting myself, I do not she'd a tear
Burning the flesh black, vomit through a flashback
My mind's been gone for 13 years
Destroying me--deep inside of me--I'm wearing thin
If you try to come inside, you might lose your mind
This has been inside me, for a very long time
It's just now being told, life is cold like this razor I hold
And I am so thankful to have lost all self-control
I woke up today it was fucking disgusting
Upon opening my eyes to the light of day
Nauseated by the world's pathetic state
The feeling of the hand that has you by
The spine is tightening it's grip and destroying
The very emotion of this lackadaisical lifestyle
That finds itself repeating over and over
The life it is not meant to have
The smell of vomit still lingers in the
Nostrils, society is decaying and descending
Into one big useless rut, and with smoke
Burned smiles I face toward the sky
This life is fucking disgusting

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