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Khleo – Not What Its About lyrics

Let me go ahead and try to break it down for ya
I'm not sure I'm supposed to have these type of feelings for ya
But I feel a certain something when we pass by each other
Could she be a lover?
Is she really focused on another?

Not sure so imma just show my poker face
And watch closely everytime she take a bite of cake
Freaky thoughts in my head
Wishing I was the fork
She had her lips wrapped around instead

Yeah, but that's not what this about
I'm infatuated by your look
And how you always seem to stand out in the crowd
I love the way your voice sounds
And how you got a side that's even kinda wild

Me and you can understand each other's mind frames
No vivica and morris
2 don't have to play that game
In this thing called love
There's a right and a wrong way
So baby listen up

When you need someone
I will be by your side
Oh lord
There is a light that shines
Special for you and me

Yeah, now I ain't gon say nothing
But if I did girl right now me and you be making kids
Hoping that you see that me and patna ain't the same
I'm a man about mine
But he was so lame

Didn't understand you
Try to change your ways
Silicone swag
He just so fake

So what that you don't mind playing for both teams
Give me a shot
I'll have you whipped like cream
But that's not what it's about

I wanna know you from your ins to your outs
Your likes and dislikes
Your dreams and your goals
Beautiful smile to match that beautiful soul

I'm not so sure babe
If you feel the same
But if you are
Probably scared of all the fame

Know this, I wasn't molded by the industry
When it's said and done
Kle will always be kle

when you need someone
I will be by your side
Oh lord
There is a light that shines
Special for you and me

I gotta keep it 100
You know that you're fine
Your only equal is you
Like your number's prime

Can't describe the feeling
Everytime we lock eyes
Lips stay juicy
Like the lips between your thighs

Damn, I'm tryna keep it pg 13
But I ain't felt this way since I was 14
Middle school crush thing
Sprung like t-pain

Queen in your mind
Let me be your lb james
The king of your court
Bottled up emotions
So let me pop your cork

I gaurantee girl
If you gave me that chance
I'll change your plans
Without even getting in the pants

Though we both are the definition of freak
I'm tryna know your soul
So girl what you think

When you need someone
I will be by your side
Oh lord
There is a light that shines
Special for you and me

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