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Kevin Gilbert – When You Give Your Love To Me lyrics

I’ve been thinkin’ about this for the last three days
I don’t think that I am deluding myself
I don’t think that this is just a phase
I don’t mean to shock you
I hope that I am not rushing in
I think that this is kind of important
I don’t know where exactly to begin

My whole life has been a constant ailment
You can provide a simple remedy
Yea, I’m gonna show some vast improvements
When you give your love to me

And you can trust that I am a worthy recipient
And be assured I’ll act responsibly
I’ll treat it like a work of rare and priceless art
When you give your love to me

So how’s about it girlfriend
Am I gonna have to twist your arm?
Perhaps it’s not the most original concept
It has a kind of timeless charm

You’ll have the little birds flyin’ around your head
And you’ll gaze at me dreamily
Yea, the whole world will smile and wave
When you give your love to me

And I will write you a hundred sonnets
And every word will rhyme easily
And all your friends will be genuinely supportive
When you give your love to me

I’m sick of hearing about sadness
I’m sick of violent crime
I’m sick of angry, militant, lesbian feminists
I’m sick of imperfect rhyme

I’ve always heard that we should love one another
And what a fine example we will be
An’ maybe we can start a trend or something
When you give your love to me

And maybe then we’ll get our friends together
And they’ll all get along famously
I think that everyone will feel much better
When you give you love to me

There’ll be global peace and religious tolerance
Ominous brothers in a world that’s free
There will be a perfect cosmic harmonic convergence
When you give your love to me

Oo Oh when you give your love to me
Oo Oh
Oo Oh when you give your love to me
When you give your love to me (fade)

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