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Kevin Durant – Tha Formula lyrics

Formulating the plan, no more making the gram
The violins are so shiolin, I escape to japan
Spend the day in the sand, that’s just so my lady can tan
And usually it’s nothing, but today she just called me her man
Shit, I get more to my maffers, give a chick no extras
What they do to impress us, shit, we some g’s so they f us
Think I’m young and I’m reckless, no, but my talent’s investing
In way more than the necklace, shit, so you gots to respect it
Yeah, I admire the peasants, from the seed of a king
What they do to survive, and all of the joy that it brings
Ain’t looking for no hand outs, so don’t ask me what my man’s bout
Just ask me what my plans bout
What I stand for, why I stand out
A real shit, so I’ma say it out my damn mouth
Ain’t even been the type to get a p and take a gram out
No time out, I’m running, I gotta get shit buzzing
Just ... B simp, ps, I’m coming nigga

The formula, blueprint, formula, ritual, see ritual
Principle, the formula, argh

Formulator the plan, don’t care bout making a gram
Boss just like I’m diddy, my pain’s bigger than making the bam
It’s 1k, ain’t nobody else is on my level
Small talk or small money don’t fit on my schedule
I’m lounging back and I’m just making moves
I grew up broke but doing that time I was paying dues
I’m just younging just stuck in my ways
Learning how to be a boss now I was stuck in the fames
Nigga, I was stuck in the days, the author of the book of my life
I just got stuck on the pay, pills
Now I’m making rhymes about it,
Walking down the street, and I can make a line about it
Get it, cause my life is like a motion picture
Sincerely yours, sniper jones, you see me coming nigga
You see me coming nigga, argh!

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