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Kelz – Highest High lyrics

Uh huh - Let's go

You make me feeel alive, you are my highest high [repeat 2 times]

[Talking over chorus]
Hey what's happening baby? I'm Keezy,
I think it's about time you ditch that lame you're with right now, know what I mean?
I got exactly what you need in your life-real talk.

[Verse 1]

Look lil mama listen
I'm the thing you're missin
Aint no competion (naw)
What u think I'm kiddin
Look I'll have you trippin, gone in the head
I'll have you screamin all night long in the bed.
Bitin the pillow tryin to fight moans in the bed
But you kick that habit cuz I go strong in the bed.

Ha you know you dealin wit a good dude
I'll wine and dine ya have you eatin good food
You know I gotta move like a crook move
Leaving ya ex ma that was a good move
Cuz if you knew betta then you will do betta
I fit you well and keep you warm like a new sweater
Let me tell you what it is shawty
Let's head bak to da crib shawty
I'll get it good make you feel it in ya ribs shawty
These other chicks be saying Do ME DO ME
But you know I aint messing with these groupies
And I got you sayin

{Chorus] [Repeat 2 times]
That's what it is, that's what it is, that what it is baby
If you ride for me then I'll ride for you

[Verse 2]

Like Khaled in Miami we the best
I aint got no problem puttin ice round ya neck
A lil ice around ya wrist, have you ridin in a new whip
Leavin out the mall from copin new fits
Whose this? My wifey the one I ride wit
Anytime you can hit me on my side kick
You're that fly chick and I'm that fly dude
Somewhere out of the country we gon fly too
Like Paris, Africa, Japan
Come on girl and travel the world with ya man
Take my hand and let me spend cash on you baby
Lay u in the bed and put the smash on you baby
Have ya girl friends made at chu baby
You're spending all the time you have witcha baby
I'll keep you smilin neversad with me baby huh...

[Talking] [Bridge]

Look lil mama
I tried to tell you earlier
Let's vacate
Imma jet setter, so lets jet set
I already got yo bags packed
Matter of fact better yet
You don't have to pack bags
Once we get to Paris Imma just take you shoppin
When we get there

[Chorus] to fade out

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