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Juvenile – Livewire lyrics

I'm a livewire

Target practice, ain't no bitch
I'm in it for the stretch
I throw them bullets at you like we playing
Pitch and catch
Your dog until I c*** my shit and tell that bitch to fetch
This ain't a three elities, only need a triple threat
I'm guaranteed to win, I guarantee cause I'm the best
No apologies, apologizing is regrets
What are you, a spec? I got a family to protect
In Canada, you knock someone for staring at your checks
You showing disrespect, you rolling with another set
I put you in it, I can take you out, so don't forget
You ain't a G to me
You just a hoe without a dress
You said you was gonna kill me
Bitch I'm here at your request
I don't rest I'mma


I'm Martin Luther King, bitch, I got a dream
But I don't turn a cheek, I empty out the magazine
I see you muscle niggas see these hoes and love to flex
Put up a fist to fight, throw a punch and you a X
I see yo brother buffing with you too, he be next
Tell the hoes that you a stunt, till they say that they connect
Come to my dresser, get a cardiac arrest
And I don't send a message, I get that bitches direct
If you owe me some, nigga, better pay when I collect
You don't have it, bring a broom with you cause it's gon' be a mess
Kill a nigga, live a lil', that's what I profess
Lately I ain't sleeping weeks, I got them thinking I'm possessed
I don't rest


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