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Juvenile – Booty lyrics

Where the, where the booty at? Where the booty at?
Where the, where the, where the booty at? Where the booty at?
Where the, where the, where the booty at? Where the booty at?
Wh-wh-wh where the, where the booty at? Where the, where the, where the

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
You gon' have to get with me anyway, ain't nobody touchin' that spot
And I'll be the nigga that'll cool yah down, you be meltin', chick you're too hot
Excuse me for being disrespectful, can't help the shit cause I'm rhyming
You prolly one of them people down with that selfish shit, but I'm not
I love women, I'm here for 'em, I cut for 'em, they been knowin'
I spend on 'em, I sin for 'em, pay light, gas, and rent for 'em
I talk to 'em, I mentor 'em, they talk crazy, I ignore 'em
I [?], I sleep with 'em, I live for 'em
I ain't ever like pancakes, she can't back it up when it's flat
If your breath's stinkin', don't conversate, you better cover your mouth and get back
These hoes party 'til sunrise and this club is closin' up early
I was told they got ass in here, so I came in here to get service


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Got everything in my Maybach, the only thing I need is an oven
I don't know what you sippin' on, but my Sprite cost 4 hunna
South side until I die, I cannot lie, identify
My name tag between her thighs, she got an onion booty, I'm finna cry
Eat french fries with my French ho, make a ho dip like french toast
And you know I keep that D. Wade, so I got a mothafuckin' heat close
Pow! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ahh! Pow pow! Nigga, lay it down
Ass so motherfuckin' fat, ain't no way around
Her ass so motherfuckin' fat, ain't no way around
Her ass so motherfuckin' fat, ain't no way around it
G5 watch me switch the climate, money tall, you gotta climb it
Then I do my dance behind it, put both of my hands around it


[Verse 3: Juvenile]
You got too much ass for a toilet seat and I'm wonderin' how you gon' shit
That booty poppin' like choppers, one of my homies almost got hit
Where you been, you been hidin' out, I been lookin' for yah, can't find yah
I'm tryna put a new team together like Beyoncé and Rihanna
With big titties and big ass, she been pretty, she been bad
She got money, she pop tags, she not dumb and she not trash
I just saw her, she slip fast, she turn necks like whiplash
Got real hair and got real ass and she exercise it like gym class
Niggas like to play games and shit, but see, me, I take the bitch from 'em
I'ma find a spot in her heart soon as I drive the dick in her stomach
I'm glad the club ain't a sausage festival, cause if it was, I'd have to leave early
I heard the booty was up in here, so I came in here for one purpose


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