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Juvenile – 3rd Ward Solja (feat. Magnolia Shorty & Big Tymers) lyrics

[First Verse [Juvenile]:]
You gone take them 5? Or you gone take them to the trial?
And go get denied?
By that probation and you just got, caught with that fry
That alibi ain't gone work,
Ain't it somethin' how them niggas from out that three be doin' that dirt?
Score a quarter from oh-oh, rock it up by four-four,
Then you can go in them hallways and smoke that fire all day
Shhhh.... Be quiet,
Tonight is the night that we ride,
Thirty camoflauge hummers with niggas inside
With choppers, doin', surgery on bodies like head doctors
Be quiet, cuz they mad tonight, we gone act a ass tonight,
I'ma take a body to that project for a sacrifice,
That Calliope got that dope for less,
Fuck around that bitch if you want, and get left,
Brains hangin' off the steps, people cryin',
Second line, T-shirtin', feet hurtin' from all of that twerkin'
[Chorus [???]:]
Calliope thug
3rd Ward Solja
Melphanine thug
3rd Ward Solja
P-S-E thugs
3rd Ward Solja
Wild Magnolia
3rd Ward Solja
[Second Verse [Juvenile]:]
I'm an optimal smokin', chopper totin',
Bustin' caps wide open,
Top of line coatin', reebok sportin',
Expedition corner spender,
Big fine woman bender, put the weight in the blender
Got big bags by rillas,
Shiesty like a splinter, and empty out the braids in the center,
You. P. T. Fader remember,
Follow me, follow me,
Follow me now bitches we be some Hot Boys...
Run up on the 3 and you will get stopped boy
Follow me now bitches we be some Hot Boys...
Run up on the 3 and you will get stopped boy
Follow me now bitches we be some Hot Boys...
Run up on P-S-E and you will get stopped bo

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