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Juice – Conglomerate Music lyrics

You now witnessing the birth of Conglomerate music
It's a new wave, this dominant new shit
The game game don't change, just the faces
I know 'em on a first name basis
You now witnessing the rain of Conglomerate music
It's a new wave, this dominant new shit
The game game don't change, just the faces
I know 'em on a first name basis

Look, the game's been explained, the game remains
The frame is still the frame, only the names have changed
See, it's different now, young niggaz aim they flame
You got niggaz who don't even got no game with chains
And moguls, you lookin at one for real
I'm bout to have a hundred mill like I spun the wheel
I sting man automatically, bring in your faculty
Peep my team jo, I got kingpins backing me
It's, more than just some rhyming shit
I'm the one bombing it
The number one prominant click, conglomerate bitch
We come dominate shit, I'm that low-key
J, I just watch from the stands like Pat Croce
Pull a gat slowly, feeling that ol' heat
Pop like red and bocker, 'till the bullets clap oc
Cats in the back know me, I'm mackin fees
And tell a hustler, you can have the eight, the crack on me
I tell 'em, bet you have the fiends try to snap those see
'cause I know eventually it's all coming back to me
I'm so dope, I'm just sitting here in a state of mind
When you probably get arrested if you try to weigh a line
Like Attica, we lock it down, take no prisoners
Especially when the hen and dro is in us
Shit, we got three commas, six ouzes that gig enough
Corporate, trust me, it's deeper that show business
We live for the love of the game, the flow livin us
Not a click livin that could ever blow trees with us
Aint none, 'cause can't one run a town
It's deeper that Hugh Hefner's swimming pool
No time to run it down
Rap, we run in now, but rap is just a hobby
We building sky-scrapers from the roof to the lobby
And still got the guns to shoot through your hamstring
In short, we conglominant, we do the damn thing

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